User Experience

Empowered and satisfied customer service agents lead to great customer interactions.

Your agents are your frontline staff. Often, they are the only point of human contact your customers have with your organization.
Are they empowered with the tools they need to deliver outstanding customer experiences, every time?

Better Interactions

Key to delivering outstanding customer experiences is agents who are satisfied in their work, and empowered with intuitive, user-friendly tools.

Connected teams

Encourage collaboration between your teams, wherever they’re working. Provide your managers and supervisors with the visibility they need to support and manage your agents.

Optimize efficiency

Give your agents, managers and supervisors the tools they need to do their jobs better and faster, and drive efficiency for the contact center as a whole. Bring all channels into one single interface, and provide managers with actionable data-driven insights.

Maximize flexibility

76% of workers say they'd be more than willing to stay with their current employer if they could work flexible hours1. Maximize agent retention through allowing your advisors to schedule their own shifts. Empower your managers to meet SLAs through powerful demand forecasting tools.

Improve accessibility

To ensure you can scale up to deal with peaks in demand, you need an extensive and diverse workforce. Don’t let your technology hold you back from hiring; choose a CX solution with best-in-class accessibility.

Flexible, knowledgeable, empowered

Content Guru’s powerful CX solution, storm, was created with the user in mind. Empower your managers, supervisors and agents with the tools they need to drive business value.

Single-stack solution

Lighten the burden and complexity of your CX estate with storm, a single-stack solution. storm brings management, reporting, and customer interactions into one place. Make the most of your existing technology investments through thousands of best-in-class bespoke and off-the-shelf integrations

Learn more about single-stack solutions and the full power of storm on our product page, storm CONTACT.

User-friendly interfaces

storm’s interfaces are powerful, yet intuitive, even for the least experienced team members. Enable your agents to seamlessly escalate customer interactions to different communications channels.

Read about our unified, browser-based interface, the storm DTA™, which enables your agents to work efficiently from anywhere.

Data aggregation

Make use of storm’s powerful data aggregation tool, which allows users to view data from multiple sources through one single pane. This offers customers and managers alike a 360-degree view of the customer and their needs.
Learn more about driving personalized and informed experiences through storm CKS™, storm’s powerful data mediation layer


storm is compliant with major accessibility standards, including the likes of WCAG 2.1. The solution is browser-based, and features a Mobile App, allowing your agents to work from anywhere.

Discover more about storm MTA™ and the power of working from anywhere.