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Connected Care, Connected Communications

Content Guru is transforming the development of connected health and care communications.

By integrating voice, text, video, chat, social media, and AI technologies, care providers and their patients become better connected. This empowers essential care, when and where it matters most.

Your patients shouldn’t be stuck in queues during a health emergency. They shouldn’t have to repeat their medical history to each practitioner they speak to. They shouldn’t need more than one number to access your entire organization.

Content Guru’s cloud communications solution, storm® is highly secure and highly reliable, and has been field-proven for healthcare.

Field Proven for Healthcare

The majority of the UK’s NHS 111 (non-emergency) contact centers run on Content Guru’s storm solution.

All of the UK’s emergency 999 ambulance calls pass through storm, making Content Guru the only cloud provider to support emergency services in Europe.

The storm Patient Relationship Management solution already supports urgent care for over 11 million people.

Connected Care Made Easy

Improve Patient Experience

Effective care depends on seamless patient experience. Let your patients connect with you over any channel. Route them to the best available clinician first time, every time. Prioritize repeat callers and vulnerable patients.

Improve Clinician Experience

Care providers are under increasing pressure to do more with less. Empower your clinicians with patient data alongside every interaction. Unify your Electronic Patient Records to made data accessible across your organization.

Unrivaled Reliability and Security

Content Guru is the only cloud communications provider trusted by blue-light emergency services. Boasting unrivalled 99.999%+ availability, and hosted on a private cloud from in-nation data centers, storm offers the highest level of data security.

Innovate with Connected Care

The storm Patient Relationship Management solution already supports urgent care for over 11 million people.

Patient relationship management

Quick diagnosis depends on seamless patient experience. Let your patients communicate over any channel. Empower your practitioners to give accurate diagnoses. Be available to your patients 24/7, even when demand surges.

storm’s omni-channel capabilities allow patients to contact you over the channels most convenient for them. Enable in-browser video calling with a click; no need for your patients to install another app. Natural Language Processing allows you to route callers quickly and easily, without needing to press a button. With storm’s endless scalability, you’ll never miss a call, even when demand surges.

Be there for your patients, at any time, over any channel.

Integrated Care Systems

The future of healthcare is integrated. Consistency across services saves lives. You need a solution that links hospitals, ambulances, mental health, and social care. A solution that can draw data from multiple databases, and share it with every stage of the healthcare ecosystem.

With thousands of off-the-shelf and custom integrations, Content Guru works with you to bring together your entire healthcare ecosystem. With smart routing, storm directs customers to the right service. With comprehensive recording, storm stores mission-critical communications. With real-time reporting, storm brings together insights from across your healthcare ecosystem.

Unify your care, and provide the best outcomes for your patients.

Health & Social Care services in action

NHS logo

NHS 111

storm delivers an amazing set of capabilities, which have transformed the way NHS 111 operates in London. We’re really excited to implement further capabilities through storm as we go forward, and the solution will be instrumental in realizing our digitalization objectives. Most importantly, however, is that we’re able to substantially improve the experience of Londoners calling NHS 111 and the outcomes of our patients, ensuring that they get through to the care and support they need, when they need it, first time.”

- Head of Service Redesign & Innovation (Integrated Urgent Care) at NHS London SHA