In the digital age, online orders have become the new normal

With improvements in order tracking technology, customers expect proactive updates.

Whether you provide last-mile delivery, or inter-continental logistics, customer expectations remain the same.

storm®’s mass messaging capabilities let you contact customers over the channels they prefer.

Upgrade to the cloud, and take advantage of IT synergy to drive down costs. When disruption occurs, use storm’s endless scalability to meet any level of demand. Let customers self-serve with Machine Agents, to get order updates whenever and wherever they prefer. Use proactive messaging to keep your customers in the loop.

Let storm set you apart from the competition.

Pro-active contact

As technology advances, so do customer expectations. Customers now expect to be regularly updated on the status of their orders. If you can’t provide regular, proactive contact, you’ll fall short.

With storm SHOUT™, you can provide proactive updates over SMS, e-mail, social media, and more. These updates can be scheduled and triggered automatically, without the need for agent involvement. With a simple, intuitive interface, alerts can be updated at the click of a button.

Make proactive contact easy with storm.

Cutting-edge cloud technology

Complicated IT systems make great customer experience impossible. If your IT estate doesn’t work seamlessly, that friction will be passed on to your customers.

storm lets you create IT synergy. As a single-stack solution, storm brings all your systems onto a single, browser-based platform. storm is constantly updated, meaning that you’ll always be on the cutting edge. By consolidating your IT estate, storm lowers the total cost of ownership, boosting your efficiency.

Let storm manage your upgrade to the cloud.

Focus on the customer

When deliveries can be disrupted by bad weather or disaster, keeping your customers updated can be the difference between success and failure. When ordering online, customers expect to be able to track their order at any time, over any channel. Your agents aren’t always available.

Let your customers self-serve with intelligent Machine Agents, accessing the information they need without human assistance. Provide up-to-date information on orders with proactive online or SMS messaging. Link to any existing system of record to tailor every contact to the needs of the customer. Unify your knowledge in a single system, to answer every question with confidence.

storm automates the mundane and the repetitive, freeing your agents to focus on the customer.