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Content Guru was the first into the market with omni-channel cloud contact centers, and has been a leader in the industry for over 13 years, servicing some of the world’s largest organizations through pure cloud solutions.

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The World’s Most Scalable Platform

Proven to provide flawless service at over 100x average contact levels, the storm® platform instantly scales to cater for each client and their unique requirements, ensuring constant availability regardless of the demand or number of concurrent users.

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Leaders in the Automation and AI Space

The high-caliber Content Guru team continually strives to push technological boundaries, investing heavily in innovations and exploring the potential of artificial intelligence to improve the experience of our clients, and their customers.

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Content Guru Brings brain® Virtual Agent to Enterprise Connect 2019
February 19, 2019

Content Guru will bring its latest developments in virtual agent technology to Enterprise Connect 2019. The brain® Virtual Agent feature enables customers to converse with organizations through virtual agents, leveraging its AI toolset to automate voice and web chat interactions, and route contacts to the appropriate agents. This feature sits alongside Content Guru’s multi-award-winning storm® […]

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