Financial Services

When customer finances are at stake, you can’t afford slip-ups

You need to offer the best possible experience for agents and customers, without compromising on security.

You need a solution that’s flexible, reliable, and constantly updated. That brings every channel of contact into a single interface. That can automate repetitive tasks, freeing your agents to focus on the customer. That can be counted on to deliver security and compliance, no matter how distributed your workforce.

Let storm® transform your CX, securely.

Omni-channel banking

When any outage can have serious financial consequences, you need the most reliable internal communications

With storm’s minimum 99.999% availability, you’ll never have to worry about outages. Upgrading to the cloud is quick, simple, and requires no costly capital investment. With regular product updates, you’ll always be on the cutting-edge of cloud technology.

Whether it’s intuitive system design, intelligent automation, or AI-backed machine agents. Begin your digital transformation with storm.

Intelligent automation and self-service

Your customers expect constant contact. Your agents need to focus on the most important interactions. You need a solution that can direct your customers to self-serve, whilst keeping a personal touch.

With Natural Language Processing, storm understands unstructured speech, picking out a caller’s needs and directing them through the appropriate self-service. With storm FLOW™, you can design these services with an intuitive, no-code interface, and roll out changes with a click.

Let omni-channel banking optimize your CX.

Cloud-based compliance

Great CX begins with your agents. Your agents work best in environments they find comfortable. In the modern-day, hybrid working is the new normal. You need a cloud-based solution that lets your agents work from any device, anywhere, securely.

With two-factor authentication and secure agentless and agent-assisted payments, you can accommodate your agents’ preferences without compromising security. With PCI-DSS compliance, storm has your customers in safe hands.

With recording, transcription, and analytics for every call, you can achieve compliance across all contacts. Group your recordings by content and sentiment. Automatically check for script adherence. Use recordings to highlight best practice, to ensure the highest quality CX, every time.