Secure customer loyalty with great CX

When disaster strikes, policyholders deserve empathy.

Your agents should be able to deliver effective service, without losing the personal touch.

87% of policyholders see claims processing as a priority when choosing a provider.1 83% switched providers when dissatisfied with their claims processing experience.2 Poor customer experience is the most significant cause of customer defection.

Customer contact is more crucial for insurance than in any other industry. You need a solution that empowers agents to deliver great CX with crucial customer information, presented on a single pain of glass. A solution that can automate renewals and information requests, to let your agents focus on the most crucial contact. A solution that integrates with your existing systems of record, to enhance, not replace, your IT estate.

Let storm® empower your agents and deliver tailored experiences, every time.

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[2] Accenture

Seamless claims processing

First Notification of Loss is the most crucial customer interaction your company faces. When customers call in to make claims, your agents need to do deliver seamless, empathetic experiences. Bouncing customers between agents and forcing them to repeat their details every time will drive them to your competition. You need to provide your agents with the data they need to resolve contacts quickly, and with a personal touch.

With storm CKS®, you can push and pull data from any existing system of record, into a powerful data-aggregation layer. Present all of a customer’s information on a single pane of glass next to the contact. storm routes customers to the best available outcome based on agent skill-set, expertise, or even personality.

Monitor agent performance across your system with storm VIEW™. Use storm QM™ to check all calls for compliance and quality. Ensure the best quality CX, across every channel.

Automated policy renewals

Your customers expect to be able to renew their plans and access detailed information at the times most convenient for them. Your agents need to focus on the most urgent interactions, and can’t always help.

As Millennials and Gen Z become your most important customers, digital engagement is more essential than ever. Today, 26% of all sales begin with a chatbot interaction.1 The future of you CX is automated, and you can’t afford to fall behind.

Your CX solution should employ AI-backed Natural Language Processing to automatically categorize contacts, and route customers to relevant articles in your knowledge base. It should offer an intelligent, no-code interface that lets you design powerful IVRS. It should allow for secure agentless or agent-assisted payments. It should make use of AI-powered Machine Agents, leaving your human employees free to focus on what really matters.

brain®’s intelligent automation passes these tasks to Machine Agents, leaving your human employees to focus on what really matters.

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Enhance, not replace

Your CX needs an upgrade, but you can’t risk losing access to your existing systems of record. Content Guru works with you to enhance, not replace, your existing systems.

With thousands of off-the-shelf and bespoke integrations, storm® links seamlessly to any existing infrastructure. With storm VIEW, you can draw data from across your entire system into flexible, real-time reports. Link to your CRM to deliver customer data to agents, and let them provide tailored experiences with every contact.

storm is cloud-based and regularly updated, ensuring that your technology will always be on the cutting edge. With a low capex model, storm layers over your existing systems, with no need to ‘rip-and-replace’ expensive hardware.

Let storm unify your IT systems and future-proof your CX.

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"At AXA UK, we keep our customers at the forefront of everything we do and to reflect this, are fully committed to constantly improving our contact center operations. We’re thrilled to continue working with Content Guru over the course of the next five years, and are looking forward to further realizing the positive impact of their storm platform on the customer experience we offer."

- Chief Operating Officer at AXA