You Need a Chrome Enterprise Recommended CX Solution. Here’s Why.

What makes outstanding customer experience?


You should be available to your customers, whenever, wherever, however. And your agents must be able to provide that. For flexibility on both sides of the coin, you need a CX solution that is Chrome Enterprise Recommended.

Content Guru’s cloud CX solution, storm®, is now Chrome Enterprise Recommended. This means that storm has achieved full compatibility with Google Chrome and ChromeOS, meeting the high standards set by Google. This offers a host of benefits:

  • Seamless user experience – As a browser-based solution, storm can be launched in seconds through Google Chrome and ChromeOS.

  • Cost-Efficiency – Speedy deployments reduce effort and cost, and let you get straight to delivering outstanding experience to customers.

  • Outstanding customer experiencestorm is a world-leading CX solution, providing all the tools you need to deliver experiences that will keep your customers coming back.

Want to learn more about what a Chrome Enterprise Recommended CX solution can do for your business? Read on.

Chrome Enterprise Recommended Agent Experience

Outstanding customer experience begins with agents. And in particular, with agents that are satisfied, supported, and equipped with all the necessary tools to delight customers.

A Chrome Enterprise Recommended solution improves agent experience in a number of ways:

  • ChromeOS comes with built-in security This proactively protects users against threats; more essential than ever, when cyber-crime is growing increasingly common.

And your agents aren’t the only ones who benefit. A Chrome Enterprise Recommended solution offers benefits to your business too.

Reducing Total Cost of Ownership

Introducing a new CX solution is a costly undertaking. Your priority should be to reduce effort and expense, whilst still getting the highest quality solution for your business. A Chrome Enterprise Recommended solution makes this possible.

  • ChromeOS reduces Total Cost of Ownership – Chrome devices tend to cost less than others on the market. Though this often means reduced functionality, when your agents only need to access a single unified solution like storm, this is a benefit rather than a drawback.

  • ChromeOS is cloud-native – Designed with cloud solutions in mind, ChromeOS sees less down-time with Chrome Enterprise Recommended solutions.

  • A single CX solution storm brings your entire communications estate - internal and external - into a single pane of glass. Agents can access customer data, knowledge libraries, and colleagues, without having to switch apps. This saves time for your employees, drives up productivity, and creates value for your business.

A Chrome Enterprise Recommended solution drives efficiencies for your business, and for once, this doesn’t come at the cost of customer experience.

Chrome Enterprise Recommended Customer Experience

Great customer experience begins with the right tech. Empowering your agents with easy-to-use, flexible, future-proof technology helps them deliver experiences that your customers never forget. Here’s how:

  • A single-agent interface creates seamless experiences – Alongside each interaction, the agent is presented with all relevant customer data, equipping them with the tools to get straight to resolving the customer’s problem.

  • A cloud-based solution is constantly updated Communications technology is constantly advancing - think AI and Internet of Things - and keeping up is a constant struggle. A cloud-based solution makes staying ahead of the competition easy. New features and technologies are continuously added, without the need for downtime.

Customer experience is a key source of value for businesses. It’s far easier to retain a customer than to win a new one. Investing in a Chrome Enterprise Recommended solution is a guaranteed way to boost your CX, and by extension, your bottom line.

storm® is Chrome Enterprise Recommended

After meeting the rigorous standards set by Google, storm is Chrome Enterprise Recommended. This means that it can be accessed seamlessly through the Chrome browser and via ChromeOS devices. The power of great CX in the palm of your hand.

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