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Need a solution that grows alongside your business? storm®’s cloud-based platform is endlessly scalable, with 99.999% reliability. Need to boost agent productivity? Let CKS® bring data from all your systems of record into a single pane of glass. Give your agents the data they need, when they need it. Need to future-proof your customer service? Use brain®’s powerful AI to bring intelligent automation to every level of your system.

Whatever your need, storm offers a single-stack solution that covers every aspect of your customer experience.

Find the right product

The storm platform

storm takes a modular approach. This lets you tailor your solution to your business, picking only the modules that matter to you. Learn more about each module through the links below, or book a consultation with one of our global CX experts. With experience in every sector on every continent, find out what great CX can deliver for your organization, and how to achieve it for your customers.


brain® is a powerful AI toolkit that brings Content Guru’s proven philosophy of intelligent automation to improve your customer service. Future-proof your CX solution with AI tailored to your needs.

Create personalized experiences with custom Machine Agents. Automate self-service for 24/7 contact. Use world-leading image processing to reliably sort images. Integrate with all storm modules for future-proofed customer journeys.

omnichannel icon

Front-office CX

Customers demand instant contact, over any channel, at any time. To meet these demands, you need a solution that brings together all channels of contact in a single platform. A platform that can be accessed from any device, anywhere. A platform that can reliably scale to meet surges in demand.

storm is Content Guru’s cloud-based, omni-channel customer experience solution. Empower your agents by bringing all contact channels into a single app. Delight customers with skill-based routing, linking them to the best available outcome, every time.

Discover what makes storm the world’s best high-volume omni-channel cloud contact center solution.

storm CONTACT™

The world’s leading high-volume contact center solution.

storm FLOW™

Build market-leading CX services at the push of a button. No code required.

storm DTA®

Intuitive and omni-channel customer experience interface, on a single pane of glass.

Back office

As your business grows, so will your customer base. You need a contact center solution that will grow with you.

storm offers a host of tools to flexibly manage your contact center. Unify your communications in the cloud and take advantage of endless scalability. Get real-time updates on your entire system with a customizable dashboard. Use an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to build detailed, custom reports on the trends most crucial to your business.

Integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams to link customers to back-office experts. Ensure quality and compliance with AI-driven recording and transcription. Integrate with any existing system of record, to push and pull data from your CRM.

Discover how storm can transform your back-office.

storm INTEGRATE™: Microsoft Teams

Seamless internal and external communication using Microsoft Teams

storm Customer Knowledge System (CKS)

Unify your systems of record with CKS, storm's data aggregation layer

Workforce Engagement Management

Great CX begins with agents. Empower your agents by displaying all customer information on a single pane of glass. Link to your existing system of record, including CRM, to give a 360-degree view of every customer. Engage your workforce and make customer experience your competitive edge.

Give your agents up-to-the-minute data to tailor their service to the customer's needs. From AI-powered scheduling to recording and analytics, storm WFO™ gives you all the tools you need to optimize your workforce.

 Discover how storm creates a 360-degree view of your customers and agents

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AI & contact center automation

Constant contact, even when your agents are busy. Intelligent, skill-based routing to link customers to the right agent for them. Automatic scheduling to save time for your managers. Whatever your business needs, brain’s powerful AI can make it easier.

brain is Content Guru’s AI toolkit. Integrating seamlessly with storm, brain brings AI-powered efficiencies to every stage of your CX. Customize chatbots to automate interactions without losing the human touch. Employ Natural language Processing to classify contacts by content and route them to the most qualified agent. Let automatic scheduling save time for your managers, whilst meeting agent preferences.

See how intelligent CX automation sets Content Guru apart. Future-proof your business with constantly updated AI.

storm brain®


Data and integrations

For a smooth customer experience, you need an efficient system. An efficient system needs its parts to run together flawlessly.

Content Guru works closely with you to design custom integrations that enhance, not replace, your existing systems. From displaying patient information to monitoring for power outages, storm adapts to the needs of your business.

storm also offers thousands of off-the-shelf integrations, including for industry-specific platforms, to synergize with your IT systems. Whatever the needs of your sector, Content Guru is ready to build a customer experience solution that’s right for you. With integrations for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and more, storm is already certified to integrate with the most popular communications platforms.

Discover how storm links with your existing systems for a seamless upgrade to the cloud.


You need a solution that enhances your systems, rather than replacing them.

storm INTEGRATE™: Microsoft Teams

Seamless internal and external communication using Microsoft Teams.

storm INTEGRATE™: ServiceNow®

storm INTEGRATE: ServiceNow® enables effective case management through a single pane of glass.

Secure Payments

Great CX makes customers feel secure. Reliable security boosts confidence in your brand and keeps you compliant with regulations.

With industry-leading compliance accreditations, including PCI-DSS Version 3.2.1 level 1, storm has your customers in safe hands. Use storm LOCK® to process customer payments automatically, without an agent. Where needed, storm PADLOCK™ diverts the customer into a secure environment, where an agent can guide them through the payment process. With detailed reporting, you can easily keep track of payments coming into your system.

Discover how storm achieves compliance and eliminates risk to your customers.

storm LOCK® and PADLOCK™

Secure payments for your customers' peace of mind.