Travel & Leisure

In a sector so vulnerable to disruption, customer service can be the difference between success and disaster

Your customers want to get the most from their holidays.

You want customers that keep coming back.

You need a solution that can proactively contact your customers, keeping them constantly updated. That can scale endlessly to meet demand in the event of an emergency. That can integrate with any existing database to get your customers the information they need, when they need it.

Make customer experience your competitive edge with storm®.

Keep customers coming back

In a hyper-competitive market, you need a way to stick in your customer’s memory. If you can make customers feel heard and understood, they’ll keep coming back. Make CX your competitive edge, at every stage of the customer journey.

Help your customers design their ideal getaways with intelligent chatbots. Provide up-to-date arrivals and departures, either online or over the phone. Link to any existing system of record to tailor every contact to the needs of the customer. Unify your knowledge in a single system, to answer every question with confidence.

Let storm create experiences your customers won’t forget.

Omni-channel passenger experience

In a fast-moving world, your customers expect to be able to alter bookings at any time, over any channel. When customers have questions, they expect instant answers.

Use Natural Language Processing to route customers to the best available outcome, every time. Work through an intuitive, no-code interface to design complex solutions easily. Integrate with any system of record, to direct customers towards the next stage of their trip – whether transport, accommodation or entertainment.

Give customers the answers they need at every stage of their journey, with storm.

Endless scalability when disaster strikes

Disruption can strike at any time. When it does, demand for contact will surge. You need to stay in contact with your customers, even at times of peak demand.

storm’s endless scalability allows it to handle contact levels 1000%+ above average. Omni-channel capabilities allow your customers to reach you over any medium. Powerful recording and transcription tools allow you to check 100% of calls for compliance. AI-back reporting and analytics allow you to view real-time data from across your entire system.

Never leave your customers lost. Stay in constant contact with storm.

Travel & Leisure services in action

Rail Delivery Group

“Due to the modular nature of the platform, we’re able to introduce new features as and when required, allowing us to meet our customers’ omni-channel expectations for instant information."

- Senior Service Delivery Manager at Rail Delivery Group.

Leonardo Hotels

"We chose storm’s cloud-based IP contact center because of the flexibility it gave us for the use of intelligent IVR and call routing with a low total cost of ownership. We’ve enjoyed the savings and consistency associated with a centralized system, without compromising the experience for customers calling in to the contact center. storm is also making a crucial difference to the customer experience in our hotels."

- IT Manager at Leonardo Hotels.