Scaling up your communications

Keep up with the needs of your customers

Service disruption or extreme demand for your services lead to spikes in demand for your contact center. In these times, it is crucial for you to deliver great CX, regardless of volume.

When you’re experiencing peaks in demand, do your calls drop? Do your inquiries get missed? Or are your customers faced with an automated message telling them to try again later?

For today’s customers, this simply isn’t good enough. With 96% of customers prepared to go elsewhere if they receive bad customer service, you can’t afford to be unreachable to your clients1.

But do you have the tools available to enable you to scale your contact center to any level of demand?

1 Forbes

Flawless service, whatever the demand

Whatever your organization, you will experience peaks and troughs in contact volumes. This includes predicted demand, such as regular peak hours, or unpredicted demand, such as when a disaster occurs or an announcement is made.

When these peaks and troughs happen, you need to make sure you have the tools at your fingertips to enable unlimited scalability.

  • Is your organization able to scale your contact center to over 100 times usual levels, without missing a call or message?

  • Can you send out mass communications to keep your customers updated and pre-empt their questions?

  • Can you scale your workforce to deal with unprecedented peaks in demand?

What Does Scalable CX Look Like?

Anticipating inquiries

Give your customers rapid access to the information they need.  Proactive communications reduce demand for your contact center, while agents empowered with the information they need leads to swift inquiry resolution.

Reaching the right person, every time

Achieve scale through driving efficiency. Intelligently route your communications so each customer reaches the right department, and the agent best suited to the inquiry, every time.

Intuitive interfaces

Empower your agents with the tools to efficiently respond to points of contact across channels.

Reliable, no matter the demand

Ensure no call gets dropped, and no message is missed, no matter the demand you’re experiencing.

Reach unlimited scalability with storm®

Content Guru’s resilient CX solution, storm®, is trusted by the largest organizations in the world to underpin mission-critical services.

  • storm is hyper-scale by nature, with individual deployments of over 60,000 true cloud seats.

  • storm ensures that if disaster strikes, or if you’re experiencing extreme demand, you can scale your contact center, and your workforce, in a few clicks, without sacrificing the experience of your customers.

  • If you’re a fast-growing business, your investment is safe with us. Our solution is customizable, allowing your solution to grow with your customer base.

How we've helped our customers meet planned and unplanned demand...

Managed peaks of demand such as 150,000 inquiries within a minute, and 9 million in one evening

Enabled national government organization to contact millions of citizens

Handled queues of over 10,000 for a multinational airline

Allowed major healthcare services to proactively contact thousands of citizens

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