Data aggregation

360-degree view of the customer

Do your customers have the same experience the first, second, and third time they make contact with you?

Make personalized customer experiences your USP.

Your customers expect seamless customer journeys and personalized customer interactions. They expect to only raise their concerns or issues once, and for each customer service agent they are in contact with to have visibility over their previous interactions.

Personalized customer experiences are about showing your customers that you understand their needs, and going the extra mile to meet them quickly and efficiently.

This requires your system, and your customer service agents, to recognize when a customer has made contact before, and deal with their inquiry accordingly.

Are you able to deliver this new level of customer engagement?

Untrap your data

Today’s customer service takes place on multiple channels, from voice, to WhatsApp, to Instagram. This often creates data siloes, where data is trapped within each system, and cannot be viewed holistically, to give your agents a 360-degree view of your customers.

You need a tool that aggregates this data, bringing together the information from all sources, and allowing you to view it from a single pane of glass.

Personalized customer journeys

What do seamless, data-driven customer experiences look like?

Personalized interactions

  • AI-backed automation proactively delivering all the relevant data for a customer straight to the agent.

  • Screen-pops providing agents with customer details and an extensive interaction history.

  • Your agents knowing who the customer is, and why they’ve made contact.

Intelligent routing

  • Data pulled from every available source to power intelligent routing.

  • Artificial Intelligence tools gathering real-time customer context through asking the customer why they’re making contact.

  • Intelligent contact distribution, mapping inquiries to the best suited available agent.

Customer journey mapping

  • Provide your agents with all the information they need about a customer, before the interaction even begins.

  • Offer your agent a complete, omni-channel, historical record of a customer’s interactions, including data from third-party systems.

Knowledge management

  • Create a rich knowledge base for your agents to use.

  • Manage all your articles and how-to-guides in one place, linked together by easy-to-navigate decision trees.

  • Review and update information consistently to reflect evolving user needs.

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