Cloud Migration

Future-proof your CX

The expectations of your customers are constantly rising. They expect a personalized experience over whichever channels they choose. Does your current technology stack allow you to keep up?

Gartner analysts have predicted that 85% of organizations will embrace being cloud-first by 2025.1 Don’t let your organization fall behind.

The needs of customers have evolved, and it has never been more important to keep your agents engaged.

Your clients need to be able to reach you from any channel or device, at any time, and from any place. Your agents need to be able to work from anywhere, while ensuring security and compliance are kept as a number one priority.

As your organization grows, you need a solution that will grow with you, allowing you to differentiate your business by delivering outstanding CX.

Time is running out. On-premise providers and solutions are closing down or ending support for legacy systems. Each year, they grow more expensive to maintain, and more difficult to update.

Legacy systems simply cannot provide the functionality, reliability, and scalability that the delivery of outstanding CX requires.

The future is cloud.

The benefits of the cloud

If you’re ready to leave behind the world of inflexible and costly to maintain on-premise solutions, it’s time to choose the cloud.

Cloud migration: a seamless process

If you are considering moving to the cloud, the time is now. But navigating the journey of cloud migration does not have to be daunting.

When you migrate to the cloud with Content Guru, you’re not losing control over your processes. You have the final sign off at every step, and only go live when you’re ready to.

Content Guru is flexible to your needs. Migrations can take place quickly and easily on a set date. If you prefer to take a more gradual approach, a staggered transition can be offered.

To make sure you’re empowered to make the most out of our CX solution, storm®, we offer extensive training on every part of the product set. When it comes to going live, Content Guru’s dedicated team members offer daily ‘hands on’ support to ensure a smooth transition.

Why Content Guru?

Content Guru was the first cloud CX provider to market. Since then, we’ve seamlessly migrated hundreds of customers from legacy solutions to the cloud.

Content Guru’s powerful CX solution, storm, is trusted by the world’s largest organizations to underpin mission critical services.

That’s because we offer:

  • Over 17 years of experience in cloud migration for organizations from every sector

  • Unlimited scalability, and the ability to flex up and flex down when required

  • Unrivalled reliability, with a minimum reliability rate of 99.999%

  • Rapid innovation, where the needs of your customers shape the future of storm

  • Rich functionality, with a diverse product set catering to every sector

1 Gartner, 2021