Enhance your customer experience

Looking to stand out from your competition?

In today’s climate, a great product at a fair price point simply isn’t enough. In fact, 86% of buyers will pay more for great customer experience.1

Are you ready to make CX your organization’s key differentiator?

Content Guru’s CX solution, storm®, is trusted to underpin critical services for some of the largest organizations in the world.

With storm, one of our customers achieved the best CSAT score ever in their industry. But what does great CSAT look like?

Improve your customer experience with:

  • Efficient communications. Your customers expect to reach the right outcome, first time.

  • Your customers being able to contact you on whatever channel they choose, from wherever they are in the world, whenever they want.

  • Being there for your customers when it matters most. In periods of extreme demand, it is critical that they can still find their desired outcome.

  • Rapid responses, and easy and immediate access to information.

The key elements of delivering outstanding CX

Great CX is enabled by best-in-class tools. Make sure your solution provides all the elements to satisfy today’s customers.

Win the CX race with storm®

Want to elevate your CX? Choose storm. The most important services in the world trust us for our reliability, scalability, and rich functionality.

  • Omni-channel offering

    Focus on CX, not channel, through storm’s streamlined omni-channel interface.

  • Hyper scalability

    Ensure no call or message goes unanswered, even in peak times, through storm’s unrivalled scalability and reliability.

  • Powerful integrations

    Maximize your existing investments through thousands of bespoke and off-the shelf integrations with storm.

  • Intelligent automation

    Boost efficiency and free up your workforce to improve your customer experience through storm’s powerful Intelligent Automation tools.

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1 Forbes, 2020