Your CX challenges

The road to excellent CX isn’t always easy. There are many elements that make up great customer journeys, from the number of communication channels you offer, to your ability to manage and retain your workforce.

What roadblocks are your organization currently facing?

Build outstanding Customer Experience

Agent churn

To deliver great customer experiences, you need experienced, satisfied agents. Agent churn is a contact center’s biggest cost, and so focusing on agent retention allows you to spend this budget elsewhere. Are you retaining your customer service agents as well as you can?

Limits to support and supervision of remote and hybrid workforces

With the new age of remote and hybrid working, it is critical that your staff are connected. To maximize productivity, agents should be able to communicate with their supervisors, and managers should have visibility over the performance levels of their workforce.

Lack of visibility over previous history of interactions across channels

When customers are contacting your business over every possible communications channel, it is vital your agents have a view of every previous interaction they have had with your organization. You must be able to enable your customers to seamlessly continue a conversation between channels.

Every sector, at every stage

Whether you’re in the public or private sector, you need a CX solution that meets the expectations of your customers.

Content Guru has delivered its powerful solution, storm®, to some of the largest enterprises, and the most critical public sector services, in the world.

Whatever your organization, Content Guru’s expert team members understand your industry and needs.

Solutions by Need

What are your CX challenges? Is it scalability or reliability? Or ensuring safety and security? Whatever your needs, Content Guru has a solution for you.

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Your sector offers unique challenges and opportunities. You need a solution tailored to your needs. Learn how Content Guru has served your industry.

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