Reliable customer support

First time, every time

Your customers expect to be able to call you at any time, 24/7, and receive an instant response. If you experience an outage, or your CX solution is unreliable, how can you provide the customer support your clients expect?

Nothing is more frustrating than calling an organization and having your call dropped. In an age where any customer can turn to social media to share their frustration, your organization’s reputation is at stake.

If you’re working with vulnerable customers, or providing essential services, it is even more important your clients can reach you at the first attempt. You need a solution with flawless reliability and availability, with no exceptions.

When disaster strikes, or you are experiencing unprecedented levels of demand, you need to ensure your solution is resilient at scale.

Achieve best-in-class reliability with storm®

Content Guru’s world-class CX solution, storm®, is resilient by design. Content Guru’s clients are offered a minimum of ‘five nines’ reliability: 99.999%, enabling them to provide best-in-class customer support.

storm is trusted by some of the largest organizations in the world to underpin critical services. They chose storm for its unrivalled reliability, even at hyper-scale.

Win the CX Race with storm®

storm underpins major national health service NHS 111 London, which works across 32 local authorities to serve over 9 million people. It frequently faces huge and unpredictable peaks in patient contact. It is critical that this service has unrivalled availability, with the ability to scale to meet increased demand.

With storm, they have achieved:

  • 5 times higher likelihood that callers to NHS 111 London will have their call closed.

  • 50% reduction in ambulance conveyance, meaning that patients are only taken to hospital if it’s the right place for them.