Creating Value

Outstanding customer experiences

CX is a goldmine of business value. Is your organization making the most of it?

86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.1 For today’s businesses to satisfy their customers, it’s not enough to approach each interaction as an issue to be resolved.

Each interaction is a chance to deliver outstanding customer experiences, drive up your CSAT, maximize customer retention, and build your brand’s long-term reputation.

In order to do this cost-efficiently, you need efficient business processes, and a scalable and flexible business model. This enables your workforce to focus on the main goal: creating best-in-class customer experiences.

Do what you do best

Allow your teams to do what they do best.

For customer service agents, automate repetitive and simple inquiries, allowing them to focus on delivering great CX to those who need it most.

For supervisors, provide tools that forecast demand, and automatically schedule agent shifts, enabling them to focus on training and managing customer service agents.

For IT teams, remove lengthy maintenance tasks of maintaining on-premise solutions, empowering them to focus on revenue driving projects.

Drive improvement

Perfect your customer journey through powerful and actionable data insights at every customer touchpoint.

Allow your agents and supervisors to deliver the best customer engagement possible through best-in-class functionality.

Capture data from all channels, and factor them into intelligent, automated routing decisions.

Do more with less

Drive efficiency across every business process. Deliver best-in-class CX and AX through automation at every customer touchpoint. Lighten the burden on agents of simple and repeat inquiries through proactive and reactive communications. 

Maximize sales

Be on the channels your customers are. Get insights into when, why and how your customers interact with you, and take action to drive up sales. Empower your agents with the product information they need to cross- and up-sell.

Create Value with Content Guru

Content Guru’s powerful single-stack solution, storm®, allows your business to drive up revenue. Deliver superior CX that retains both your agents and your customers, and optimize your customer journey and business processes to maximize sales.

If you’re looking to boost your sales, book a no-obligation consultation with our dedicated team to learn how storm can help you.

Data Aggregation

Offer personalized customer experiences, every time. Learn more about storm CKS, storm’s powerful data mediation layer.

Intelligent Automation

Drive efficiency through AI-backed tools that automate processes across the whole contact center. Read about storm’s Intelligent Automation tools to find out more.


Deal with huge peaks and troughs in demand with ease, while maintaining best-in-class reliability. Learn more about storm’s endless scalability.

1PWC, 2018