Google Chrome Enterprise Recommended

Chrome Enterprise Recommended and Content Guru

storm®, Content Guru’s cloud-first omni-channel customer experience solution, is Google Chrome Enterprise Recommended.

Being recommended shows that storm meets both Google’s technical requirements for Chrome and ChromeOS compatibility and the high standards set by Google for Chrome Enterprise Recommended Contact Center solutions.

Google Chrome Enterprise Recommended (CER) solutions help organizations find software and hardware that makes working on the web and in the cloud truly seamless.

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Provide exceptional customer experiences on Chrome and ChromeOS

Optimized for Chrome and ChromeOS devices, storm delivers a secure and productive remote workplace that lets agents focus on delivering great customer experiences.

storm empowers agents to work from anywhere and easily access communication tools within a single desktop environment. Using storm on Chrome and ChromeOS transforms the agent experience with its WCAG 2.1 AA-complaint interface and easy-to-use collaboration and communication tools, creating a seamless and highly accessible workspace for agents and supervisors, wherever they are.

Foolproof security with storm® and ChromeOS

Stay secure, even with a disparate workforce, with the combined built-in security of ChromeOS and storm. With storm, your customers' data is in safe hands.

Trusted by some of the largest organizations in the world, storm is compliant with all major regulations, achieving accreditations in data security, quality, environmental sustainability, accessibility, as well as with regional and industry-specific requirements.

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The world’s most scalable and reliable contact center solution

Endless scalability and unrivalled 99.999%+ reliability allow you to scale your contact center, and your workforce, in a few clicks, without compromising the customer experience.

storm is the only cloud provider to be trusted with emergency service calls and other critical communications infrastructure, such as electricity distributors and healthcare institutions.

storm enables you to be consistently available to your customers, whenever, wherever, and however they choose the get in contact.

About storm®

storm ensures that customers’ requests and issues are quickly and accurately resolved – simply put, engagement made easy. Whatever your need, storm offers a single-stack solution that covers every aspect of your customer experience.

Taking a modular approach lets you tailor your solution to your business, picking only the modules that matter to you.

storm offers omni-channel communications and industry-leading AI, backed by virtually limitless scalability and unmatched integration capabilities.

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