In a highly saturated market, keeping your offering up-to-date is essential

When businesses outsource their processes to you, they expect cutting-edge technology.

They expect flexible solutions tailored to the needs of their business. They expect convenient solutions, not tangled IT systems. They expect solutions that scale to meet any level of demand.

Stay on the cutting edge, and design flexible solutions that meet the needs of the customer, with storm®.

The BPO contact center

Your customers expect the best. You need to stay ahead of the curve. In a highly saturated sector, there’s no space to fall behind.

storm’s modular model lets you pick-and-choose functionality, to design solutions that work for your customers. As a cloud-based platform, storm is constantly updated, so you’ll always be on the cutting edge.

Whether it’s intelligent automation, powerful custom integrations, or AI-backed transcription and compliance, keep your offering evergreen.

Create IT synergy

When you have customers around the world, your IT estate can sprawl out of the control. When systems produce data in different formats and lack consistent access, flexibility becomes impossible.

You need a single-stack solution that simplifies your IT systems. That brings your entire system to the cloud and provides a single, browser-based point of access. That doesn’t require expensive capital investment. That integrates with any existing system of record, to enhance, not replace, you’re existing systems.

Upgrade to the cloud and achieve IT synergy across your business.

Endless scalability

When any outage can have serious consequences for your customers, your contact center has to be reliable. You need a system that flexes to meet any level of demand, so that you’ll always be there for your customers.

With storm’s minimum 99.999% availability, you’ll never have to worry about outages. With storm’s endless scalability, you’ll never miss a call. With powerful, real-time reporting, you can monitor every aspect of your service. Two-factor authentication means that your systems will be secure, no matter how distributed your workforce.

Begin your upgrade to the cloud today.

Customer success


"Sodexo are a world-leading provider of Quality of Life services. A key part of this is ensuring that our communications meet the needs and expectations of our customers and colleagues on an ongoing basis. storm met our technical needs without exceeding our financial requirements. Since then, the solution’s flexibility has enabled us to make continuous service improvements ourselves. We have also worked in partnership with the storm team to enhance our service, including a number of upcoming roadmap items."

- Facility Service Desk at Sodexo