Professional services

A snapshot of our professional services ecosystem

Discover some of our partners.

BPO Partners

Sercco Logo


Serco is a BPO partner working mostly in the public sector, employing over 50,000 people.

Communications Service Providers


AT&T is a Communications Service Provider. They support the distribution of storm in America.

Rakuten Communications Logo

Rakuten Communications

Rakuten is a Communications Service Provider, and the largest e-commerce platform in Japan. Rakuten Communications works with Content Guru to distribute storm in Japan.

vodafone logo


Vodafone is a Communications Service Provider, and has been partnered with Content Guru for over a decade.

Vodafone Ziggo

Vodafone Ziggo is a Communications Service Provider. They are the largest cable operator in the Netherlands, and carries Content Guru's communications platform in the country.

Consulting Partners

McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company is a consulting partner. McKinsey works with Content Guru to design powerful CX solutions for customers.

Contact Center Service Integrators

DDM Consulting

DDM Consulting is a Contact Center Systems Integrator. They offer tailor-made advice for business, and a wide range of omni-channel solutions.

VR Voice

VR Voice is a Contact Center Systems Integrator. They provide powerful real-time reporting tools for the contact center.

IT Partners


Bechtle is an IT partner. They work with Content Guru to create IT synergy for businesses.


Avid Systems

Avid Systems is a re-sale partner. They specialize in mobility, virtualization, security, and storage technologies.

BDM Voice

BDM Voice is re-sale partner specializing in high-speed connectivity and unified communications.


Cinos is a re-sale partner and a leading audiovisual and unified communications specialist. They work with Content Guru to deliver best-in-class CX solutions.

Elite Group

Elite Group is a re-sale partner, that provides future-proof enterprise communications and IT solutions. They work with Content Guru to offer evergreen communications solutions.


FourNet is a re-sale partner. They provide communications, collaboration and contact center solutions to critical public sector organizations.

Vapour Media

Vapour Media is a re-sale partner who specializes in cloud communications technology, and works with Content Guru to provide seamless communications for businesses.


Wavenet is a re-sale partner and prominent managed-services provider. They work with Content Guru to deliver outstanding communications solutions.

The Daisy Group

The Daisy Group is a reseller, specializing in B2B telecommunications and IT services.

Sector Specialists

SSS Public Safety

SSS Public Security specializes in data management and communication solutions for the emergency services.

Systems Integrators

cgi logo


CGI is a Systems Integrator. They work with Content Guru to create IT synergy for businesses.

Tata Consultancy Services

TCS is a Systems Integrator, and global leader in IT consultancy. They work with Content Guru to streamline business communications and create IT synergy.

Technology Partners


Calabrio is a technology partner. They deliver Workforce Management services that drive business growth.

citrix systems logo


Citrix is a technology partner, specializing in desktop virtualization. Content Guru is a member of the Citrix ready program.

google cloud logo

Google Contact Center AI

Google Contact Center AI is a technology partner. Google develops cutting-edge Ai-backed technologies. Content Guru is an official Contact Center AI partner.

ibm logo


IBM is a technology partner. IBM's Watson is a powerful AI assistant. storm® integrates with Watson to power AI Machine Agents™.


Jabra is a technology partner. Jabra produces high-quality wireless headphones and headsets. Content Guru works with Jabra to provide best-in-class audio equipment to customers.


Microsoft is a technology partner. the storm is certified to integrate with Microsoft Teams for seamless front and back-office collaboration.


Nuance is a technology partner. Nuance specializes in speech recognition and transcription technologies. They work with Content Guru to support powerful quality management solutions.


Oracle is a technology partner. Oracle offers a suit of cloud-based data and process solutions. storm integrates with Oracle's solutions to make use of your customer data.

poly inc logo


Poly is a technology partner. Poly specializes in headsets, video, and phone conferencing solutions. They work with Content Guru to provide outstanding communications equipment to customers.

red had logo

Red Hat

Red Hat is a technology partner. Red Hat is the world's leading provider of open-source virtualization solutions. They work with Content Guru to support virtual desktops for storm users.


Verint is a technology partner. Verint provides powerful customer experience solutions, with a focus on data analysis and workforce management. storm integrates with Verint's WFM, data management, and speech analytics capabilities.

Technology Solutions Brokers


Intelisys is a technology solutions broker specializing in voice, data, and cloud services.

End-to-end professional services

For Content Guru, professional services begin before the sale. Content Guru’s Solutions Consultancy team works with prospective customers to identify their needs and build out a business case.

The Solutions Consultancy team analyzes every aspect of a customer’s CX. They shadow agents to understand their workflow and take time to understand what your customers need. They paint a complete picture of the customer’s cost base and the potential savings storm® can offer.

Content Guru collects customer feedback throughout the sales process. At nine different critical moments, our customers are surveyed. That feedback, regardless of score, is analyzed and implemented to ensure the best possible experience for our customers.

Content Guru’s comprehensive training program allows our customers to make the most of storm. Training is delivered in-person, anywhere in the world, and is supported by the storm UNIVERSITY online learning portal.

Content Guru delivers mission-critical services for organizations around the world, and across every sector. Our team of CX professionals and industry veterans has seen it all and done it all. No matter what your business needs, Content Guru stands ready to make your customer engagement easy.

Meet our team

Content Guru brings together outstanding graduates and industry veterans. With over 70% of the team working in technical roles, development, support, and more, Content Guru stands ready to take on any CX challenge.

Our team values speed, flexibility, and constant communication with customers. We aim to be friendly and approachable, making Content Guru a joy to work with. Hear from some of our team, and discover what sets Content Guru apart.

  • “I started as a Software Engineer, and progressed to head up the Application Development Team… I’m now the Project Management Director, and my favorite thing is still working with customers and building the strong relationships that matter.

    - Project Management Director

  • “I’ve been given the flexibility to leverage my technical and customer-facing skills throughout my career so far, an opportunity I probably wouldn’t have had in other larger companies. It’s contributed to some of my major successes – delivering two of our biggest deals to date, and setting up storm in Japan… I love the customer side of things, especially the satisfaction in a customer’s eyes when you get the solution just right and deliver something from start to finish.

    - Operations Director

  • “I enjoy interacting with customers and learning about their challenges. I still use my graduate expertise and technical background when working toward solutions. I’m also able to drive innovation by working with cutting-edge technologies to give our products the competitive edge.”

    - Product Director

Best-in-class partners

Content Guru has worked with partners since its inception. Whatever it is your business needs, Content Guru’s partner ecosystem will provide a solution.

Do you need end-to-end consultancy teams that will work to optimize your CX, or contact center specialists who will help you get the most from your agents? Do you need development teams that will ensure IT synergy across your whole estate or Business Process Outsourcers who will help you achieve your CX goals? Content Guru can guide you to a solution, no matter the problem.

Our partner ecosystem spans the globe. No matter where you are, Content Guru will deliver a solution tailored to your needs.