Local Government

In an era of instant contact, your citizens expect more

If you can’t meet those expectations, frustrations will grow.

You need a solution that’s efficient and cost-effective. That simplifies your IT estate, keeping you constantly updated. That uses your data to create personalized experiences for every citizen. That provides security and compliance, even when working from home.

Step up the cloud, with storm®.

Step up to the cloud

On-prem solutions are costly and inefficient. The more complex your IT estate, the higher the total cost of ownership.

A single-stack, cloud-based solution synergizes your IT systems and eliminates waste. storm is browser-based, letting you access all your systems from any device, through a single app. With an intuitive, no-code interface, storm FLOW™ lets you design complex systems easily. Update your services with a click, no need for downtime.

Begin your upgrade to the cloud, and let storm revolutionize your citizen experience.

Transform your citizen experience

Today, communication is easier than ever. Your citizens expect instant contact, at any time, from anywhere. They expect experiences tailored to their needs every time they get in touch.

storm transforms your citizen experience with data. With thousands of custom and off-the-shelf integrations, storm links seamlessly to your existing databases. Bring all customer data onto a single pane of glass, and empower your agents to deliver personalized citizen experiences. Let your citizens self-serve with Machine Agents that automate contacts, whilst keeping the human touch.

Let storm deliver tailored citizen experiences, every time.

Security and compliance

Your citizens trust you with sensitive data. Any security breach could have serious consequences. When you face public scrutiny, you need security that is always up-to-date.

With two-factor authentication, your contact center will stay secure, no matter how distributed your workforce. Logical separation of data ensures that your citizens' information stays secure from data breaches or inappropriate access.

With PCI-DSS compliant payments, storm has your citizens in safe hands. With storm LOCK™ and PADLOCK™, your citizens can make secure agent-less or agent-assisted payments over the phone.

Choose storm, and give your citizens confidence.

Customer success


“Councils require us to deliver a wide range of cutting-edge technology within a very tight budget and timescale. Thanks to storm’s modular, pay-as you-go approach, we are able to deliver market leading technologies to organizations on a timescale to suit all budgets, while the new service builder helps us to deliver projects at an unrivalled speed.

“With each new successful deployment, we find a new use for storm, and as Content Guru adapts to stay ahead of the market we’re excited to see what the future holds both for Content Guru and for NPS."

- Head of Customer Services and Service Management at Northgate