Higher Education

Studying the secret to great CX

On results day, universities can face thousands of calls from prospective students every hour.

Each of these calls has the power to change a student’s future – you can’t afford to let a single one drop.

To meet high demand, you need a contact center solution with endless scalability and a minimum of 99.999% reliability. A solution based in the cloud that allows your agents to work from home. A solution that supports proactive contact over every channel, to stay in touch with your students after graduation.

Improve student recruitment with the cloud contact center

Your students are at the center of your world.

To keep that world turning, you need to attract the best and brightest.

Meet prospective students over the channels they prefer, whether through social media, SMS, or email. storm® offers omni-channel customer experience, letting you engage with your future students whenever, wherever, and however they prefer.

During clearing, you may be contacted by thousands of students every hour. These contacts are crucial to students’ futures – you can’t afford to let a single one drop. With limitless scalability and 99.999% reliability, you can stay in contact even when demand surges. storm lets you face the busiest day of the year with confidence.

Engaging students across every channel

Student experience doesn’t end with admissions. Your students should be able to contact your well-being services at any hour, over any channel. In the event of disruption, you should be able to proactively update students.

storm’s omni-channel capabilities allow students to get in touch over the channel that works best for them. With Natural Language Processing and sentiment analysis, contacts can be flagged and routed to ensure the best available outcome, every time.

Contact alumni with outbound campaigns

Your alumni are your greatest asset. Only with proactive contact can you make the most of these connections.

With storm’s outbound dialer, you can run campaigns over multiple channels, ensuring that you can always reach your alumni. With real-time reporting, you can track the success of your campaigns and make changes where necessary. With PCI-DSS compliance, your alumni can feel secure donating over the phone.

Higher Education services in action

King's College London

"A-level results day represents our contact centre’s busiest time in the academic calendar. We can receive up to a thousand student enquiries within the space of an hour … storm helped us to better meet this challenge. Its effectively unlimited capacity for contact handling, with vast numbers of simultaneous enquiries queued in the cloud, enabled us to automatically scale up our contact centre’s capacity and address the excess traffic. Furthermore, the College only paid for the actual capacity it used; we were thus able to respond to 99% of enquiries whilst comfortably staying within budget.”

- Project Manager at King's College London