Custom Integrations

An advanced CX solution

You’re looking for a new customer experience (CX) solution. But you have already made significant technology investments. How can you make steps to transform your CX, while ensuring a strong return on your investment for your current technology?

You need a powerful CX solution that allows you to make the most of your existing technology stack.

Multi-purpose, single-stack

Bring your existing systems into your CX solution.

A single-stack CX solution with great integration capabilities enables you to continue to use the full power of your technology investments.

You should be able to integrate with:

  • Systems of record

  • Third-party systems such as ERP software

  • Channels, such as WhatsApp and Instagram

Meaningful big data

Does your organization hold vast amounts of data on every customer? Is meaningfully viewing this data impossible, due to the data being held in silos?

Choose a CX system with the ability to link to any third-party system, database, or remote store of information. Deep integrations mean you can view all data on one customer within a single pane of glass, transforming how you use your data.

Access thousands of integrations with storm®

Content Guru’s world-leading CX solution, storm, offers thousands of bespoke and off-the-shelf integrations. storm is a single stack solution, and brings your existing technology into storm, to create one powerful CX estate.

storm’s data aggregation layer, CKS, brings together data from multiple sources to create a rich data fabric. This provides your agents with a 360-degree view of your customers.

Content Guru’s storm Exchange makes building custom integrations accessible for all, allowing your organization to buy and sell integrations from other storm users.

storm CKS™

Learn more about Content Guru’s powerful data aggregation layer, storm CKS.


Integrate the powerful storm platform into your existing technology estate.

storm DTA®

Discover the Desktop Task Assistant (DTA) – a unified, browser-based interface for your agents to work efficiently from anywhere.