UCaaS: The key to Working from Wherever

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As the voice of your organization, your contact center agents shape your CX. However, maintaining an engaged, productive workforce is now more challenging than ever. The rise in home and hybrid working has shown that an optimal working environment will look different for each agent. You need to enable your agents to work from wherever suits them best, by giving them the tools they need to collaborate effectively with their colleagues.

The need for effective remote collaboration is especially pressing in the contact centre. The workplace has become more fragmented, while customer expectations and intolerance of poor service have only increased.

Regardless of when and where they get in touch, and what engagement channels they use to do so, today’s customers demand personalized advice, and expect their queries to be resolved first time. As organizations prepare to make a more permanent shift to distributed and hybrid workforce practices, ensuring internal communications are optimized and streamlined will not just help to elevate employee engagement, it will also underpin the delivery of a higher quality CX.

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