What is Business Development at Content Guru?

Making the experience seamless and easy for customers is the motivating force for the Business Development Team at Content Guru. Delivering great customer engagement has a real effect on business revenue and can have life-changing impacts for customers and citizens.

We spoke to Yusuf, Henry and Shub, who told us about what they do and why they do it.

Why is your work important?

Shub is the head of the Utilities Sector, with a wider focus on critical services and power networks. Excellent customer engagement is especially important here as customers are not customers at all, but citizens and residents.

“The solutions we provide ensure that customers get the information they need in the moments that matter. We work with four of the six biggest UK power distribution network operators, so it’s really important that we build the solutions they need to look after customers, especially in critical situations.”

What does the role involve?

The work of our sales team is very varied day-to-day. Building and maintaining strong relationships is key to the job – all of the team enjoy talking to people, making new connections and putting themselves out there!

For Yusuf, problem-solving is the most exciting part.

“Sales is great because you go on a journey with the customer from start to finish. Getting to know the customer, understand their needs and their pain points, and then working on how to solve them is really satisfying.”

Yusuf has worked with customers all over the world and across many different sectors, from retail to local and central government.

“I love learning and adapting every day – you become an expert in multiple industries and engage with people across the globe, from all sizes of organization.”

What are the best parts of the job?

Yusuf and Henry have traveled extensively for their work. Henry has spent extensive time in the USA in the four years he has been with Content Guru! Henry and Yusuf say the best bits of the job is the stimulating work environment: they both love to challenge themselves and be proactive.

For Henry, it’s all about the responsibility.

“When you’re young, you’re usually underestimated, so there is always the opportunity to impress.”

As Business Development Managers, Yusuf and Henry are mentors and leaders. They also work cross-functionally with different departments and manage projects from start to finish.

“The Sales department is especially sociable and has lots of after work events. There are lots of young people here and a lot of us live together. The Christmas party is amazing and there are many opportunities to represent the company at black tie Awards Events and dinners.”

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The Business Development team are at the heart of Content Guru: meeting customer needs, building relationships and managing accounts. They work on a global scale across a wide range of industries to exceed the expectations of customers and citizens.