The Best of Content Guru – Rich Functionality

Finding the right Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) provider for your organization can be a grueling process. Therefore to help narrow down your choices, Content Guru presents ‘The Best of Content Guru’ series. This series showcases the best of what Content Guru has to offer your organization’s customer engagement services. The first of five core differentiators that set Content Guru apart from the competition is the rich functionality of its CCaaS solution storm® – the one-stop-shop for all your contact center needs.

The importance of functionality for all

Contact centers are demanding environments. They’re fast-paced, and allow no room for error when it comes to delivering customer experience excellence. Efficiency, therefore, is everything. However, having a poorly designed CCaaS solution poses a huge obstacle to achieving this.

Inadequate or overly-complex functionality result in lengthy and convoluted processes, such as navigating between multiple systems. This causes problems at every level of the contact center, but hits hardest for agents and supervisors. Complicated agent feature and workspace design produces long delays in retrieving information, which not only frustrates customers, but also distresses agents. For supervisors, feature-deficient interfaces and inflexible dashboards lead to patchy visibility over the their agents, with no way to provide the necessary support to agents, especially when managing a remote workforce.

In short, if your organization champions great customer engagement, you must deploy intuitive, fit-for-purpose tools within your contact centers. These tools will provide the groundwork for staff to excel in their roles, wherever they are based.

storm® – The one-stop shop

storm operates as a single-stack customer experience (CX) solution, with a comprehensive suite of tools that unite the needs of agents, supervisors, and administrators, as well as those of your customers. Full CCaaS functionality, including intelligent contact routing and IVR design, operates alongside native CRM and WFM tools. This provides a ‘total experience’ that streamlines every part of the contact center.

The modular, à la carte nature of storm allows your organization to build end-to-end solutions tailored to your exact requirements. Pick and choose from a wide range of functionality, including:

  • CKS – The streamlined CRM

  • Knowledge Management

  • Intelligent Automation and AI

  • Reporting and Analytics

  • Omni-channel routing

  • Workforce Engagement and Optimization

  • Integration

Want to know more? Discover the rich functionality Content Guru can offer your organization today.