The Best of Content Guru – Deep Integrations

The focus of this next instalment in the ‘The Best of Content Guru’ series, and the third core differentiator of Content Guru, is deep integrations.

The role of integration in the customer experience

In this digital age, people can access data instantaneously from most devices, such as smartphones and tablets. For this reason, customers are becoming unwilling to wait for information from organizations. Time spent on hold, and inconsistencies in service quality, quickly exhaust customer patience. This dissatisfaction directly impacts customer retention and gaining new business. In order to prevent falling out of favor with customers, your organization must streamline your customer engagement through integration.

An integrated CCaaS solution merges customer databases, external and internal communication channels, and CRM systems together into a single solution. This enables:

  • Customer service staff to access the data they need rapidly, and provide the seamless omni-channel experiences that customers demand.

  • Better communication and collaboration within teams.

  • Organizations to retain existing legacy assets.

In short, integration plays a vital role in providing excellent, and cost-efficient, customer and agent experiences.

Deep integrations with Content Guru

Content Guru has over 15 years’ experience in the cloud contact center industry with its communications platform, storm®. In that time, Content Guru has developed thousands of off-the-shelf and bespoke integrations, enabling organizations to manage their data dynamically and effectively.

With the pure integration power of storm, businesses have the ability to pull data from multiple disparate systems, into a single location. Relevant customer information can then be made available right at the agents’ fingertips. Then customers can receive the best possible experience without delay.

In addition, storm supports integrations into communication and collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. This provides employees with a seamless, unified environment through which they can communicate both externally, with customers, and internally, with the wider organization.

Thanks to the API-driven architecture of storm, integrations into third-party systems, including large enterprise solutions like Salesforce, and individual, in-house technologies, are simple. As a result, organizations have the power to fully customize their solution, and unify existing legacy architecture.

If your organization needs deep integrations, Content Guru provides the industry’s best. No other provider is able to provide the power and flexibility that storm offers through its ability to integrate with any external data infrastructure.

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