Product Roundup: June 2020

At Content Guru, we continually develop new product lines and features that complement our existing storm® portfolio, so as to enhance the experience of our customers. Over the last month, our Product Team have worked on some major updates that will transform the look, feel, and usability of storm.

We have rounded up the top releases of the month that you should keep an eye out for.

Customer journey

It’s vital to deliver the right service at the right time, but this can be difficult without a unified view of all customer touchpoints. To help you further deliver a personalized experience to your customers, we have enhanced the integration between CKS® and the Desktop Task Assistant (DTA®), allowing agents to smoothly access a 360° view of a customer, across all channels and departments.

In the video, we demonstrate the new ‘Customer Journey’ tab and ‘Threads’ functionality – a single place to view every interaction that a customer has had with your organization, with the means to track customer tastes and deliver truly personalized experiences.

storm LINK™

Occasionally, words fail to convey what we mean. For those moments where a picture really does paint a thousand words, the DTA can now establish a link between an agent and a customer to share files and even start a live, one-way video session, whilst on a phone call.

storm LINK™ is a game-changer, as online channel capabilities are integrated into the offline. Through the browser, greater collaboration and understanding is possible, and at no expense to the customer, as no additional application needs to be downloaded. Functionality of this kind is beneficial to all industries, but as we demonstrate in the video, this feature is particularly advantageous for the healthcare sector.

The new FLOW™

The same powerful functionality now has a new look: Content Guru’s complex service builder application, FLOW™, will now operate using HTML5 in preparation for Flash being phased out later this year.

FLOW has retained its easy-to-use, drag and drop interface, but its feel and layout has been refreshed. The video covers how this rebrand makes creating and managing service pathways easier for your administrators, allowing them to make the best experience for your customers.

Interested in staying up-to-date on the latest additions to storm? Be among the first to learn about the latest updates by attending our Product Update webinars. For more information, please contact your account manager.