Efficiency from home

The global economy is expected to contract in 2020 by 3%, a far greater economic decline than during the 2008 financial crisis.[1] With a worldwide recession on the horizon, organizations need to find efficiency in this new way of working in order to drive revenue when lockdown is fully lifted – and the contact center is the best place to start.

The coronavirus has placed contact centers under unprecedented strain due to higher than normal service demand and a lack of front-line staff, as a result of furloughing to cut costs and in-office social distancing. Combined with the shift to homeworking, where employees have found themselves without proper infrastructure, motivation and support, the quick service and quality experience that your customers expect are in jeopardy.

To keep your organization afloat in the difficult months to come, you must retain customer loyalty. What can you provide to your distributed workforce to help speed up processes, improve agent and customer experiences, and reduce expenditure?

Switch-up your processes

Reduce waiting times and abandons with a digital channel shift. Promoting additional routes to the information that your customers need, allows traffic to be diverted away from your busiest queues, reducing waiting times. Not only does widening your channel portfolio offer customers greater choice, allowing them to contact your organization however they prefer, but it also allows agents to service multiple queries at once compared to a one-to-one call, which benefits agents that do not have a quiet home environment.

Automate to alleviate

In order to take the pressure off your limited pool of agents, and cut costs in the long run, intelligent automation is essential. Simple and repetitive tasks are automated, which saves money and allows agents to prioritize crucial customer interactions. From analyzing, categorizing, and servicing customer queries, to assisting live agents during interactions, automated and intuitive systems allow your contact center to achieve more with less.

Tracking and training

Achieving efficiency requires the effective management of a knowledgeable and goal-driven workforce. With an automated quality management (QM) tool, recording and analyzing the quality and consistency of service across teams and individuals is done for you, allowing supervisors and managers to do what they do best: support and train your workforce. Motivating your workforce while at home is essential in driving productivity, and improving efficiency over time.

How we can help

Transform your contact center into an efficient customer engagement hub with storm®, Content Guru’s world leading cloud contact center solution.

Harnessing the latest omni-channel and automation technologies, storm delivers smooth, end-to-end customer journeys. Regardless of channel, agents are able to service all interaction types through a single interface, and from a single blended queue.

Give time back to your workforce by integrating your systems with the best-in-class AI toolkit, brain®. Intelligent automation services allow your customers to get the information they need, in the way that they prefer. Agent experience is improved, as machine agents are able to serve customers according to their needs and direct them to the most appropriate channel or resource, freeing up live agents for crucial communications.

Access detailed insights into your corporate, group, and agent performances with storm QM™ , a fully integrated quality management and reporting solution for contact centers. Tracking performance allows managers and supervisors to identify areas for improvement, and train agents to deliver an excellent customer experience.

[1] International Monetary Fund, World Economic Outlook, April 2020 : The Great Lockdown