Why your Contact Center needs Unified Communications (UC)

COVID-19 has changed the way we work, and the way we communicate as a result. Collaboration tools are in abundance, but with so much choice, keeping track of conversations across different platforms is incredibly challenging. Even the slightest crack in communication will hinder your contact center’s efficiency and degrade the customer experience. Knowing this, how can businesses ensure that all levels of the contact center continue to work together effectively from anywhere and on any device?

Your organization needs an all-in-one, Unified Communications (UC) and cloud contact center solution, that fully integrates channels and applications into a single, easy-access user interface. A UC solution that is supported by cutting-edge cloud technology is essential for businesses after COVID-19, providing workers with the flexibility to effectively work with whoever and wherever, whatever the device.

A truly effective UC solution leverages services such as instant messaging (IM), voice calling (fixed, mobile and softphone support), video conferencing, presence sharing, voicemail, screen sharing, file sharing and more.

1. UC is efficient

To deliver a quick and connected experience that meets your customers’ expectations, your contact center operation needs to be efficient. Only by improving the information flow between front and back office operations can you provide a speedy service and present a united front to customers.

Providing your workforce with a single, unified interface makes accessing channels and collaboration tools effortless. Employees are able to obtain the necessary information to solve customer problems faster, empowering them to deliver excellent customer experience.

2. UC is resilient

In a crisis, your customers need an immediate response on a variety of issues. But if all agents are occupied, or key colleagues are working from home, it can be challenging to keep up with spikes in contact volume.

A cloud-based UC solution gives your contact center the resiliency and scalability to continue business in the event of unprecedented demand. Employees at all levels of the contact center are able to effectively work wherever there is an internet connection.

With presence sharing and call forwarding, back office employees can act as front office agents, to help ease demand and provide subject matter expertise. This ensures that high customer service levels are maintained despite disruption.

3. UC cuts costs

A cloud UC solution eliminates the need to install any equipment or hardware, saving your business substantial funds. Maintaining and upgrading cloud solutions is also quicker and cheaper than on-premise contact center infrastructure.

The ideal solution integrates with your existing systems and applications, so there’s no need to rip and replace, only add what you need. With all customer and business information integrated into one manageable UC and CC solution, it is much easier to provide a unified customer experience for less.

The all-in-one solution

Content Guru’s storm® provides organizations with the ability to collaborate and interact securely in the cloud from any location and device.

Efficiency is effortless, as all channels and applications are integrated into a single intuitive dashboard. Features such as real-time presence sharing and instant messaging enable instantaneous communication between available colleagues across front and back office, allowing your agents to deliver fast customer resolutions.

storm is highly dependable with 99.999% resiliency, giving customers confidence in their communications should disaster strike, both internally and externally. storm supports mobile to softphone and handset twinning, ensuring users can answer calls from any location and on any device.

storm is customizable for your needs and integrates with your existing business infrastructure and systems. This gives you the flexibility to choose the features that fulfill your business needs and best compliment your systems.