Redwood Technologies Achieves Airwave Network Connection Certification to Provide Recording Capabilities for Blue Light Providers

Redwood Technologies, the core technology arm of Content Guru, has today announced the award of certification by Airwave, the emergency services communication division of Motorola, for the integration of Redwood’s recording software with Airwave’s Remote MCC7500 Archiving Interface Server (AIS).  The new certification will facilitate the recording of radio interactions across Britain’s emergency services communications network, whether in a standalone configuration or as part of a Content Guru storm® cloud contact management service. Redwood Technologies received the accreditation following rigorous tests to ensure the interoperability of its software with Airwave’s.

Airwave is used by all emergency services in the UK to provide critical, secure radio communications in challenging environments. The introduction of the Direct Communications Server (DCS) and AIS allows police, fire, ambulance and coastguard organisations to target radio communications for auditing and professional standards review across their networks. As a result of the accreditation, emergency service providers will now be able to use Redwood Technologies to record interactions and will be able to easily locate and identify communications through the extensive metadata provided by AIS.

The ability to track interactions is key for both compliance and auditing teams as well as supporting the work of both internal and external professional standards departments. The data can also be used by police forces as a source of evidence.

“It’s crucial that emergency service providers have detailed visibility of communication activity across the Airwave network, and we’re delighted that our technology is facilitating secure recordings with rich metadata capabilities,” commented Martin Taylor, Co-Founder and Deputy CEO at Redwood Technologies Group. “We are proud that storm is the sole cloud platform trusted to operate European emergency service communications and enables the ability to easily locate, review and audit communications. As a result compliance teams, regulators and professional standards bodies are able to discover and audit both internal and public-facing interactions more effectively. We look forward to working with providers across the blue light sector to ensure they get the most from their communications on the Airwave network.”