Content Guru Enables Contact Center Agents to use storm® Solution from Mobile Devices

Content Guru, leading provider of cloud communications technology, has introduced a ground-breaking new capability for contact center agents. Contact center operatives will now be free to work on the industry-leading storm® Contact Centre-as-a-Service (CCaaS) platform from their smartphones, via to the new storm MTA (Mobile Task Assistant).

The storm MTA mobile app enables contact center agents to work fully-flexibly for the first time, using the storm Web iPath® softphone to make and receive calls from their iOS and Android devices. Working over WiFi or mobile data, rather than mobile voice networks, this means agents can be connected and available anytime and anyplace, free of call forwarding charges, even when away from their workstations. Answering the challenge of new hybrid working practices, storm MTA gives agents the option of using both their PC and mobile device interchangeably to maximize availability, productivity and employee satisfaction.

Beginning with the core voice channel, storm MTA will evolve rapidly to full omnichannel capability for the complete range of digital and social communications offered by the storm platform, as well as supporting the mobile component of storm WFM workforce management.

storm MTA offers the following functionality at launch:

  • Call delivery from inbound queues: agents can receive calls in-app even when the phone is locked.

  • Outbound calling: agents can make calls easily using their telephone keypad, as if making a regular call from their device.

  • Full call control: hold and resume calls; warm and cold transfer; conference calls; calls from storm directory-listed contacts.

  • Once users initially log in, they can re-log in using secure smartphone biometrics (fingerprint or face ID).

  • Users’ availability status can be set on the mobile device, or received from storm.

  • Real-time presence information is visible in the storm contact list.

  • Full call history: call history summary or detailed list view; click-to dial straight from the call history; listen to call recordings; view, listen to, and delete voicemails.

Martin Taylor, Deputy CEO and Co-Founder of Content Guru, said:

“We designed storm MTA to make the ‘work from wherever’ contact center vision a reality. Enabling our clients’ contact center workers to make and receive customer calls and access information through their mobile devices will drastically improve the agent experience and reduce costly staff churn. As new features roll out, storm MTA is going to become the agent’s 24/7 connection and home base. We’re really excited to launch this solution and see Content Guru customers across all sectors benefit from the flexibility it delivers.”