Content Guru Delivering Superior Cloud Software Solutions to UK Government

Global leader in customer experience and communication solutions, Content Guru, has been accepted as a ‘Cloud Software’ supplier to the United Kingdom Government as part of the new G-Cloud 12 framework.

G-Cloud is a Crown Commercial Service procurement framework, which enables UK Government departments, Local Authorities and other public sector bodies to obtain the latest cloud technologies, quickly and easily. Content Guru met a range of inclusion criteria to secure its place on G-Cloud 12. These included providing a detailed list of capabilities and pricing, as well as demonstrating Content Guru’s suitability for government projects.

As an official supplier, Content Guru’s award-winning storm® contact center and citizen engagement solution is available to procure through the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace. Content Guru has a strong history in providing cloud services to central and local government, having been part of the first G-Cloud at the program’s inception in 2012.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Content Guru has enabled key public sector organizations, including DWP Universal Credit and NHS 111, to manage unprecedented increases in contact volumes. For example, Content Guru enabled NHS 111 service providers to set up a series of automated services as the pandemic developed. Callers have the option to obtain a link, via SMS, to the latest Public Health England information about Covid-19. To handle spikes in calls, Content Guru also set up a service whereby callers with symptoms of Covid-19 bypass the normal call flow. Instead, they are routed to a dedicated group of healthcare advisers.

Other NHS providers have taken advantage of new Content Guru facilities created during the pandemic, such as the on-demand video consultation service, storm LINK: ODVC, which establishes simple ad-hoc video contact with patients during a regular telephone call. Also proving popular is the storm SIGN-IN solution for intelligent appointment scheduling in A&E and other same-day settings. G-Cloud 12 will make such cutting-edge solutions readily available for rapid deployment.

Martin Taylor, Deputy CEO and Head of Public Sector at Content Guru, said: “Content Guru is trusted by hundreds of organizations across the globe to deliver flexible and reliable public engagement solutions. With over a decade of experience in providing cloud technology to all levels of government, we have been able to help numerous public sector organizations adapt rapidly to pandemic-related challenges. Through G-Cloud 12, storm’s virtually limitless scalability, unmatched integration capability and industry-leading AI technology become available for all departments, Local Authorities and public sector bodies. These contact services that are now more mission-critical than ever.”