News 02/21/2022

Content Guru and AXA UK Continue Technology Innovation Journey With storm®

Content Guru, leading customer experience solution provider, today announced that AXA UK, one of the UK’s largest insurance companies and early adopter of cloud technology, has committed to a further five years on their innovation journey with the storm® solution.

AXA is a trusted provider to many, delivering customer service to thousands of customers each day. Six years ago, Content Guru’s storm contact center telephony solution transformed AXA UK’s operations in both the Health and Commercial space. Over the next five years, the pair will continue to explore rapidly developing technology, such as AI-powered Natural Language Processing (NLP) and the ability to leverage insights through deep data analytics.

Content Guru’s award-winning storm cloud solution has enabled AXA UK to keep its contact center operations running smoothly. When COVID-19 hit, Content Guru enabled thousands of employees to work from home to continue to serve their customers, whilst protecting them from the virus and complying with government-mandated restrictions.

Sean Taylor, CEO at Content Guru, commented:

We were delighted 6 years ago when AXA UK made the bold decision to move to the cloud using the storm platform. We are very excited about continuing the journey with AXA in the quickly evolving customer experience landscape.

Shali Vasudeva, Chief Operating Officer at AXA UK, commented:

At AXA UK, we keep our customers at the forefront of everything we do and to reflect this, are fully committed to constantly improving our contact center operations. We’re thrilled to continue working with Content Guru over the course of the next five years, and are looking forward to further realizing the positive impact of their storm platform on the customer experience we offer.