Security and Compliance

Best-in-class security

Customer trust is key to long-term business growth.

Are your clients satisfied that their data is kept safely and securely?

Do they trust that your organization is compliant with major local and national security regulations?

You need a solution that prioritizes security. From its data centers to its payment services, your solution should:

  • Give your customers confidence with end-to-end payment security

  • Remove the risk of security breaches with faultless data protection

  • Enable customers to make secure and compliant payments

World-class compliance

To help you meet regulations which are critical to business operations, you need a compliant contact center, or CX solution, which is accredited by major regulatory bodies.

  • Maintain data security, no matter where your agents are working

  • Ensure quality in your technology stack with accreditations on quality

  • Gain peace of mind about your environmental compliance

  • Comply with both regional and industry-specific accreditations

  • Be compliant with major accessibility requirements

Build customer trust with storm®

Make your CX and contact center compliant with Content Guru’s world-class CX solution, storm. Trusted by some of the largest organizations in the world, storm is compliant with all major regulations.

storm has achieved accreditations in data security, quality, environment and accessibility, as well as with regional and industry-specific requirements.

Want to find out more about storm’s accreditations?