Creating Value

Enhancing customer experiences

When a customer gets in touch, it’s more than just an issue to be resolved. It’s a chance to represent your organization.

Every interaction is an opportunity to deliver experiences that customers will remember. Memorable experiences create loyal customers. Loyal customers become advocates for your business.

To achieve this, you need a CX solution that is reliable, scalable, and equipped with cutting-edge technology. Empower your workforce to do what they do best; creating outstanding customer experiences.

Empowering your agents

Your agents are your most valuable asset. Equip them with the tools they need to deliver outstanding CX.

By automating simple and repetitive inquiries, you can free your agents to focus only on the interactions that matter.

With intelligent forecasting and automated schedules, you can let your supervisors focus on providing effective guidance to their teams.

By migrating to the cloud, you free your IT teams from the need to maintain an on-premise solution, empowering them to focus on revenue driving projects.

Guiding improvement

The contact center runs on data. From customer satisfaction to agent performance, real-time and historical analytics are essential to delivering outstanding CX.

Draw data from all channels of contact into a single interface. Generate endless custom reports and share them with a single click. See a high-level overview of your contact center, or drill down into the performance of individual agents.

Perfect your customer journey through powerful and actionable data insights at every customer touchpoint. Hear the voice of the customer, and let it drive value for your contact center.

Creating value with Content Guru

Content Guru’s powerful single-stack CX solution, storm®, drives value for your business. Deliver outstanding experiences for both customers and agents.

If you’re looking to boost your bottom line, book a consultation with our CX experts, and learn how storm can help you.

Data Aggregation

Get powerful real-time insights into your CX with storm VIEW™.

Intelligent Automation

Drive efficiency through AI tools that automate contact center processes.


Delight every customer, no matter the level of demand, with storm’s endless scalability.

1PWC, 2018