Cloud Migration

Future-proof your CX

Customer demands are constantly evolving. You need to evolve with them.

An on-premise CX solution limits your business: Your customers expect instant contact over any channel. Your agents expect flexible working from any location. You expect the best technology, as soon as it becomes available.

A cloud-based solution can be accessed from any location, via any internet-enabled device. With regular updates, it will always rest on the cutting-edge of CX technology. Able to add new agents at the click of a button, a cloud solution can scale to meet any level of demand.

For functionality, reliability, and scalability, the cloud should be your first choice.

The benefits of cloud

If you’re ready to leave behind on-premise solutions, it’s time to choose cloud.

Cloud migration made easy

The time for cloud migration is now. It might seem daunting, but Content Guru stands ready to help every step of the way.

If you migrate to the cloud with Content Guru, you’ll have final sign-off at every stage. Your cloud solution doesn’t go live until you’re ready.

Content Guru works flexibly to meet your needs and takes pride in delivering at pace. The storm® CX solution comes with a dedicated training team, offering hands-on support to ensure a seamless transition.

Why Content Guru?

Content Guru was the first cloud CX provider to market. Since then, we’ve seamlessly migrated hundreds of customers from legacy solutions to the cloud.

Content Guru’s powerful CX solution, storm, is trusted by the world’s largest organizations to underpin mission critical services.

That’s because we offer:

  • Over 17 years of experience in cloud migration for organizations from every sector

  • Unlimited scalability, and the ability to flex up and flex down when required

  • Unrivalled reliability, with a minimum reliability rate of 99.999%

  • Rapid innovation, where the needs of your customers shape the future of storm

  • Rich functionality, with a diverse product set catering to every sector

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