Key storm® statistics

Over 50% reduction in repeat callers with proactive SMS messaging.

Industry leading response times with  less than 3 second average call time-to-answer.

The Power of Scalability

1000%+ normal contact levels handled seamlessly during outages.

In a volatile industry, your customers want stability

With reliable, effective customer contact, you can provide it.

storm® offers unrivaled 99.999% availability: reliance was proven in the field during storms Eunice and Irwin.

Minimize your total costs with a single-stack, cloud-based solution. Scale to meet any level of demand, even during outages. Prioritize your most vulnerable customers, to ensure they can always contact you. Ensure compliance to avoid regulator fines.

Take your CX to the cloud, with storm.

Weathering the storm

When utility prices can change rapidly, you need to be there for your customers. You need a solution that flexes to meet your needs and that integrates with your existing infrastructure. That provides the best possible return on investment.

Upgrade to the cloud with storm and leave behind expensive on-prem solutions. Take advantage of constant, regular updates, to ensure that your technology is always at the cutting edge. Let Content Guru deploy your solution rapidly, linking to any existing system with thousands of off-the-shelf and custom integrations. Simplify your IT systems into a single, easy-to-maintain stack.

Get the best return on investment with storm.

Endless Scalability

When outages occur, you can’t afford to leave your customers in the dark. They expect consistent information and proactive updates over the channels that work best for them.

Endlessly scalable, storm easily handles call volumes 1000% above normal. With 99.999% availability, your customers will always be able to reach you, whatever the weather. With intelligent automation, you can provide crucial information and guide customers to self-service without the need for agent intervention. storm links to your existing system of record, allowing vulnerable customers to be routed via a priority line. With storm SHOUT™, you can contact your customers over any channel, at any time, to provide vital information about outages.

With storm, you’ll always be available for your customers.

Compliance made easy

Poor customer experience can mean regulator fines. Regulator fines are added pressure your organization doesn’t need. No matter how efficient your organization is, if you can’t show customer satisfaction, your standing with the regulator will suffer.

You need a solution that can record contacts across every channel. A solution that can check 100% of contacts for compliance, rather than just a handful. A solution that offers AI-backed transcription. A solution with smart statement detection, to ensure that all required statements are made.

Analyze agent performance, or focus on the system-wide trends that matter to you, with storm.

Utilities services in action

UK power networks logo

UK Power Networks

“We were able to react quickly, and record a message about the situation so the IVR could communicate that message when the affected region called in. Customers were able to drop off the line as soon as they listened to the message as they had the information they needed. It’s incredible that we can manage these spikes so effectively."

- Head of Customer Contact at UK Power Networks