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Evergreen communications

In a rapidly transforming industry, why should your CX fall behind?

As communications technology advances, so do customer expectations.

You should be able to handle any surge in demand. Your customers should be able to self-serve, even outside of office hours. You should be able to provide reliable security compliance, to set your customers at ease. Your CX solution should be constantly updated, to stay on the cutting edge.

Future-proof your CX with storm®.

Endless scalability

Whether online or televised, mass-participation events present a unique challenge. Whether your callers donate, vote, or ask questions, your contact center will face huge surges in demand.

With minimum 99.999% availability, storm® scales to handle any level of contact. When all customer data and contact history is presented on a single pane of glass, time is never wasted repeating details. Intelligent Machine Agents let you automate contacts over any channel, reducing the burden on human agents.

Never miss a call with storm.

Whatever, wherever, whenever

Your customers expect to be able to renew or alter their contracts at any time. Likewise, when customers have a problem with a device, they expect instant resolutions. Your agents need to focus on the most complex interactions, and can’t always help.

You need a solution that allows customers to self-serve. A solution with an intelligent, no-code interface, that lets you design powerful IVRs. A solution that makes use of intelligent Machine Agents, to answer customer inquiries over the phone, or online. A solution that unifies your knowledge, so that agents and customers get the information they need, the first time around.

brain®’s intelligent automation lets your customers self-serve, letting agents focus on what matters.

Secure contact from anywhere

Great CX begins with your agents. Your agents work best in environments they find comfortable. In the modern-day, hybrid working is the new normal. You need a cloud-based solution that lets your agents work from any device, anywhere, securely.

With two-factor authentication and secure agentless payments, you can work from home without compromising security. With PCI-DSS compliance, storm has your customers in safe hands.

With recording, transcription, and analytics for every call, you can achieve compliance across all contacts. Group your recordings by content and sentiment. Automatically check for script adherence. Use recordings to highlight best practice, to ensure the highest quality CX, every time.

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"While Panasonic are fully committed to the customer-premise market for in-house services, we are committed to developing new areas of business, and new channels and opportunities can be reached in the hosted arena. Keeping communication smooth and flexible for our customers is at the heart of our company and the functionality of storm aligns well with this mission.."

- Group Manager Communications Business Unit at Panasonic System Communications Europe