Blue-light trusted cloud contact management

Like all public services, policing is under great pressure. Police leaders must grow public confidence in the service in the face of soaring demand, all while facing reductions in resourcing. Contact centers are bearing the brunt of this tension:

  • Public contact levels are higher than ever, overwhelming call handlers.

  • Long wait times are leading to the overuse of the 999 service.

  • Citizens expect personalized contact through their preferred channels.

  • Legacy systems are turning end-of-life, threatening the reliability of police contact centers.

Police forces can’t risk investing in unreliable mission-critical technology. The storm® Emergency Services Platform (ESP) is the only blue-light solution that offers 99.999%+ availability. All data is securely processed and stored in the UK. A cloud-based solution, storm ESP boasts virtually limitless scalability, removing the constraints of local servers and expensive data centers.

AI-backed automation, intelligent routing and self-service options enhance the non-emergency 101 service, making it more accessible. Increased uptake of the 101 service frees up 999 to receive only the most urgent calls.

Join the only Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) provider with existing 999 contracts, and enhance the performance of your current systems with cost-effective cloud technology.

storm® Emergency Services Platform

When lives are on the line, you can’t afford downtime. You need a solution that’s reliable, secure, and that provides the flexibility of cloud technology.

With 99.999%+ guaranteed availability, storm’s Emergency Services Platform (ESP) is the world’s most reliable high-volume cloud contact solution. As a separate instance of storm, updates are thoroughly tested before being rolled out, making storm ESP a solution you can trust. Maintained and hosted in data centers in the UK, storm has your callers in safe hands.

The ESP is the most complete single-stack omnichannel contact center solution on the market. With lower operational costs, industry-leading security, and limitless scalability, storm is the first solution trusted by UK police forces to handle critical calls.

Trust and transparency

High demand means Police forces struggle to respond to the public in a timely manner, and through the channels they prefer. This is causing public trust and engagement to diminish. storm’s omni-channel functionality makes you available to citizens, whenever and wherever they need you. Whether over the phone or online, constant contact is key to building trust and providing next-generation policing.

As public scrutiny of the police grows, transparency is crucial. With storm’s contact recording, AI-backed transcription, and powerful analytics, you can build a 360-degree picture of every incident. Draw all channels and systems together, for complete, flexible communications.

Free up your emergency lines

In an emergency, every second counts. Any delay could be the difference between life and death. storm ESP allows police to automatically prioritize repeat and high-priority callers. It enables effective and efficient use of call handling resources nationally by dynamically load balancing calls across providers based on configurable logic.

You want only the most important calls to reach your emergency lines. Natural Language Processing lets you determine the reason for a call quickly, and intelligent routing directs the caller to the best available outcome, every time. With storm FLOW™’s intuitive, drag-and-drop interface, you can design complex systems without the need for code.

storm ESP’s AI and self-service options enhance the non-emergency 101 service, making it more accessible. Increased uptake of the 101 service frees up 999 to receive only the most urgent calls. storm CKS® provides agents with contact history and caller details in a single pane of glass, enabling informed, personalized, and quick responses.

Take the pressure off your emergency line with storm.

Police services in action

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Humberside Police

"The robust 256-bit encryption ensures that all our communications remain fully secure, providing crucial protection for our transmissions. The transparency of the system is also a true measure of its success. We’ve now eliminated unnecessary and time-consuming processes and streamlined our workflow, which greatly minimizes the possibility of user error."

- Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Humberside Police