Central Government

Citizen expectations are evolving - Your services need to evolve with them

If you can’t deliver instant, personalized contact over any channel, your citizens will grow frustrated.

You need a solution that makes the most of your data, creating tailored experiences every time a citizen gets in contact. That can automate crucial processes, to save time for both agents and citizens. That is secure, to keep the trust of your citizens, no matter how disparate your service.

Upgrade to the cloud with storm®, and begin your citizen experience journey.

Upgrade to the cloud

When you need to boost efficiency, you can’t rely on costly on-prem solutions. When you’re tangled up in a complex IT estate, creating great citizen experience becomes impossible.

Upgrade to the cloud with storm and drive your total cost of ownership down. As a single-stack solution, storm brings all the functionality your contact center needs, through a single point of access. Use storm FLOW™ to design complex services with an intuitive, no-code interface. Update services at the click of a button, no need for downtime.

Let storm revolutionize your citizen experience.

Citizen experience

Your citizens expected streamlined, tailored experiences every time they get in contact. Whether it’s waiting in queues, being bounced between agents, or being forced to repeat information, you can’t afford to lose citizen confidence.

Make the most of your data. storm integrates with any existing system of record to bring all relevant data into a single pane of glass. Empower your agents to deliver personalized experiences, and delight your citizens every time. Reduce queue times with intelligent Machine Agents that allow your citizens to self-serve. Make your citizens feel heard and understood.

Let storm delight your citizens with every contact.

Security and compliance

When you handle sensitive citizen data, any security breach can have serious consequences. When your systems face scrutiny from public bodies, you need security that is up-to-date, always.

With PCI-DSS compliant payments, storm has your citizens in safe hands. With storm LOCK™ and PADLOCK™, your citizens can make secure agent-less or agent-assisted payments over the phone. With two-factor authentication, your contact center will stay secure, no matter how distributed your workforce.

Give your citizens confidence, with storm.