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At Content Guru, customers are the center of our world. Let us make the customer the center of yours. We create outstanding omni-channel customer experiences. Working with thousands of businesses around the world, we support our customers at every stage of their CX journey. Let your journey to great CX begin here.


When your customers expect a seamless end-to-end customer journey, there is little room for error. What challenges does your organization need to overcome?


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Whatever your need, storm® offers a single-stack solution that covers every aspect of your customer experience.

storm CONTACT™

storm CONTACT™ allows you to meet these needs and deliver a world-class omni-channel customer experience, bringing all channels into a single, cloud-based platform.


brain® is a powerful AI toolkit that brings Content Guru’s proven philosophy of intelligent automation to improve your customer service. Future-proof your customer contact solution with AI tailored to your needs.