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Customers receive service from the best available agent, working within an optimized and transparent customer service estate.

Customers receive consistent and targeted information from engaged employees.

Customer service is continually kept ahead
of the curve in order to improve satisfaction rates and resolution times.

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Manager, Facility Service Desk, Sodexo

“Sodexo are a world-leading provider of Quality of Life services. A key part of this is ensuring that our communications meet the needs and expectations of our customers and colleagues on an ongoing basis.

storm® met our technical needs without exceeding our financial requirements. Since then, the solution’s flexibility has enabled us to make continuous service improvements ourselves. We have also worked in partnership with the storm team to enhance our service, including a number of upcoming roadmap items.”

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    Routes customers to the best available outcome, every time.

  • Provides customers with consistent and targeted information.

  • Keeps their customer service consistently ahead of the curve.