Case Study

NEC Software Services

storm®’s cloud-based nature meant that NEC could seamlessly transition from their former solution and location, saving them enormous disruption.

The storm team developed a bespoke dashboard for the NEC supervisors, enabling them to view reports, both in real-time and historically.

As the full capabilities of storm are available from any internet-enabled location, users work from outside of their office, or from home without any loss in quality of service.

IT Manager, NEC

“When we came to look for a replacement solution to our service desk contact center in Wynyard, our requirements were complex, reflecting the multiple simultaneous targets we needed to meet. We were immediately impressed by storm’s reporting functions and intuitive service builder, which enabled us to hit these targets while connecting and improving our range of services to
an unprecedented degree.

"We were so pleased with the advanced functionalities and painless transition that storm offered us that we now use it for three of our own contact centers, as well as in multiple embedded locations across the country. On top of this, it is an integral part of the portfolio of products we offer to the public sector nationwide.

"Councils require us to deliver a wide range of cutting-edge technology within a very tight budget and timescale. Thanks to storm’s modular, pay-as-you-go approach, we are able to deliver market leading technologies to organizations on a timescale to suit all budgets, while the new service builder helps us to deliver projects at an unrivalled speed.

"With each new successful deployment, we find a new use for storm, and as Content Guru adapts to stay ahead of the market we’re excited to see what the future holds both for Content Guru and for NEC.”

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  • Seamlessly transitioned from their former solution, without disruption.

  • Gains powerful insights into their CX with real-time reporting.

  • Lets their agents work from home without any loss of quality.