How storm® LINK® can Improve Your Voice Channel Customer Experience (CX)

Voice communication is a staple of the contact center, but that doesn’t mean it can’t evolve. Customers increasingly expect omni-channel flexibility; the ability to switch between channels effortlessly during an interaction, to reach an effective resolution. This could mean beginning a video interaction, switching to self-service digital channels, enabling location services, or image and file sharing. You must always be on the lookout for ways to improve your voice channel customer experience.

But, this poses a unique set of technical challenges. How do you make digital channel shift possible for customers and agents, without requiring multiple apps? How do you make digital channel shift easy?

storm® LINK®’s functionality is expanding. Beyond video calls and file sharing, LINK now allows for geo-location sharing, photos and videos captured in the moment, and customizable link templates for use by agents.

Voice interactions are the foundation of your contact center. LINK elevates them.

What is storm LINK?

storm LINK is a powerful and feature-rich customer engagement tool that allows organizations to deliver video, file and location sharing services over a phone call. From the DTA® interface, an agent can send a single-use link to a customer during an interaction. The customer then clicks that link, connecting them to the agent, using the selected video, file, and location sharing features.

With LINK templates, you can edit the text that accompanies a link, and save multiple versions of these messages for easy deployment. All the agent has to do is select the relevant template and hit send.

LINK improves your voice channel customer experience in a host of different ways:

  • Customers can be migrated to video calls at the click of a button. Video calling helps establish a deeper personal connection with the customer and rear camera support allows the customer to provide enhanced context during an interaction.

  • Personalized, instantly-deployed LINK templates allow organizations to prepare links in advance, factoring in different languages, purposes, and organizational styling.

  • Customer and agents can effortlessly share files of any kind with agents, including images, videos, and documents, driving efficient resolutions through context-rich information.

LINK is an incredibly versatile tool for creating outstanding CX across every sector. Now, let’s examine use cases for each of these features and discuss the ways that storm LINK improves voice channel customer experience in those different sectors.

How does storm LINK improve your voice channel patient experience?

In healthcare, establishing a personal connection with a patient quickly is critical.

When a caller’s well-being is at risk, providing a calm, reassuring presence can be the difference between life and death. Even in lower-stakes situations, you’re asking your patients to discuss sensitive, often private, medical issues with a stranger. Patient trust is essential, and improving your voice channel patient experience is key to establishing that trust.

storm LINK builds patient trust in a number of ways:

  • Put a face to the voice. Video consultations give patients a space to discuss their symptoms with a medical practitioner face-to-face, creating a personal connection that makes it easier to discuss sensitive issues.

  • Project calm. Patients get frustrated with agents when they feel that their issues aren’t being taken seriously. By showing a human face, agents can show that they care.

  • Provide a diagnosis. Patients aren’t doctors; they don’t always know how to describe their symptoms accurately. By enabling video and image sharing, patients can send photos of their symptoms, for an easier, smoother diagnosis. Patients can also enable live video from both front and rear cameras, to show an ongoing situation.

In the case of healthcare, storm LINK provides ways to create more efficient, trust-building interactions. That’s how we helped HUC deliver video consultations on demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. And healthcare isn’t the only sector LINK helps.

Protecting Callers for Blue Light Services

When a customer gets in touch with the emergency services, time is of the essence.

Whether the caller has been injured, has witnessed criminal activity, or is in imminent danger, reaching their location as quickly as possible is your top priority. Live location sharing is essential here.

Rather than asking the caller to state their location, (or describe nearby landmarks, if the caller doesn’t know their location), the call handler can share a premade LINK template, requesting location sharing. Once the customers clicks this link, their GPS location is broadcast to emergency services, and can be shared with first responders. This allows for a far more accurate reporting of caller location. Reaching the scene of an emergency in time has never been easier.

That’s not the only practical benefit that improving voice channel experience can have for blue light services:

  • Through high-speed file sharing, callers can share images of incidents taken at the scene, letting blue light services quickly gather essential information relating to an incident.

  • Rear-camera video lets callers provide eyes-on-the-ground, giving blue light services unique insight into an evolving situation as it unfolds.

  • LINK templates let blue light providers prepare links in multiple languages, ensuring that communication is seamless at all times.

storm LINK improves voice channel experience in high-intensity situations but can also help in the day-to-day. Across retail, financial services, and more, storm LINK makes routine Customer Experience (CX) easy.

Why storm LINK is the right choice for Retail, Insurance, and Utilities

Customer expectations are higher than ever. Providing a great service might not be life and death, but it’s still fundamental to business success. 64% of customers expect your organization to interact in real time, and 42% would pay more for an efficient, friendly experience. Improving your voice channel customer experience is a sure-fire way to secure customer loyalty.

In retail, the some of the most important points of customer contact are the sale and the return. Rather than forcing customers to return to the store in-person to make a return, video makes the processing of postal returns easier than ever. When returning a product, the customer can send photos, detailing any faults, breakages, or other problems. The return can be approved remotely, and the faulty item sent through the post.

Improving voice channel customer experience can also benefit insurance providers, speeding up the processing of claims. In the event of a car accident, for instance, the policyholder can support their claim with images of a damaged vehicle, avoiding the hassle of uploading the photos through an online portal.

Utilities providers are responsible for maintaining vast infrastructure networks, including sub-stations, fuse boxes, and pylons. Often, people will get in contact to report damage to this infrastructure. In these cases, improving voice channel experience is the best way to make the most of these reports. Live geo-location sharing allows the provider to locate the fault instantly, and dispatch a repair team at once. Supplemented by images and video, this team will know exactly what to expect when they arrive at the location.

Sometimes the infrastructure is located within the customer’s home. If a boiler, washing machine, or other appliance is broken, the customer can supply their provider with images of the faulty appliance. This allows their problem to be diagnosed remotely, reduces the likelihood of engineer time being wasted on a needless callouts, and allows engineers to bring all the right tools and replacement parts first time.

Improve Voice Channel Experience with storm

storm LINK’s expanded functionality creates new possibilities for your customer experience:

  • Greater personalization of customer experience

  • More efficient voice interactions

  • Life-saving geo-location services

Improving your voice channel customer experience should be a priority for your business. Whatever application, storm LINK allows you to do just that.

Want to see LINK in action? Book a zero-obligation demo and discover what LINK can do for your business.