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Real-Time and Historical Analytics

Great customer experience requires a good knowledge of the customer.

Effective knowledge requires quick and easy reporting.

storm® VIEW™ lets you produce real-time and historical reports on the trends most crucial to your business.

Choose from a huge range of report templates. Drag-and-drop any combination of statistics. View key information through the dashboard, accurate to the second.

Show data from multiple services on a single screen. Plan automatic alerts via text, email, and more. Push your CX to the next level.

How storm VIEW helps businesses

storm VIEW’s dashboard lets NHS 111 watch for spikes in symptom reporting, triggering alerts for unexpected surges and tracking epidemics with ease. storm VIEW provides insight that allows services to adapt in real time, protecting vulnerable patients.

 UK Power Networks used storm VIEW to monitor real-time outage data, letting them proactively contact customers, and move quickly to safeguard their most vulnerable customers.

Sodexo used storm VIEW’s flexible report creation to focus on key trends. Managers can act rapidly in fast-moving conditions, boosting efficiency and maximizing profits.

HAP Zeeland must comply with critical healthcare regulations. storm VIEW’s contact center reporting tools allow them create in-depth reports, to ensure that strict regulations are met.

Real-time and historical reporting

Flexible reporting

Create comprehensive reports with a click. An intuitive drag-and-drop interface gives you the flexibility to focus on the trends that matter to you. With real-time contact center reporting, monitor the status of any agent or contact, accurate to the second. Cloud-based reporting can be accessed from any location, at any time.

Past and present

  Get real-time reporting accurate to the second, or historical reports for any time period. Use storm VIEW to paint a complete picture of your customer experience.

Simple sharing

Get crucial information where it needs to go. Use over 40 report templates, or make your own. Let managers work together with flexible permissions to create the best customer experience.

Omni-channel CX

Automatic distribution

Effective reporting shouldn’t affect your schedule. Automate report distribution, by email or by secure FTP upload. Stay on top of key customer metrics, so that your solution begins and ends with customer success.

Agent performance

Dig into the data, down to the level of the agent. Get information on handling times, to keep a close eye on agent performance and boost productivity. Or zoom out, and get a big picture view of the trends that matter to you.

Omni-channel integration

Report on every stage of your customer contact solution. From handling time to call quality. From the individual agent to the bigger picture. Get insights into every channel your customers use. Integrate with storm FLOW to trigger live updates, adapting your service in real-time. Use automatic alerts to stay ahead of a changing situation.

The voice of the customer

Camiel Rentmeester - ICT Manager, Huisartsenpost (HAP) Zeeland

The service delivers complete visibility over all communications, allowing us to continually enhance our services. HAP Zeeland is now a technological pioneer in our industry, blazing a trail for other care providers.”

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