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Quality & Compliance with Omnichannel Recording

Failure to meet regulations can cost you dearly

True compliance requires more than just screen recording.

You need a solution that records every channel. That transcribes multiple audio channels for easy review. That flags concerns automatically, to reduce the burden on supervisors.

storm® RECORDER™ makes quality control easy.

Contact Center Compliance for your Organization

AI-powered transcription and analytics ensure that 100% of interactions are reviewed for compliance purposes.

Reliable recording enables an Urgent Healthcare Provider in Europe to deliver high-quality, life-saving services to 3.3 million people.

The ability to record and process huge volumes of interactions allows organizations like AXA to achieve hyper-scale compliance.

Benefits of storm® RECORDER™

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To create great CX, you to ensure quality at every stage of the customer journey. Record SMS, social media, and more, with screen capture. Follow a customer’s route through your IVR, their time on hold, and transfers between agents. Get a 360-degree view of your customer experience.

Stereo recording

High-quality CX needs the highest quality recording. storm RECORDER™ uses stereo recording for the best possible audio quality. With every call participant given their own audio channel, you can view each separately for easy analysis.

Unlimited cloud storage

To meet sector regulations, you need to store millions of recordings. Take the burden of your systems and explore the effectively limitless capacity of the cloud. Keep your recordings safe with cloud storage that grows as you do. Use storm RECORDER to search and organize recordings quickly.

Enhance, not replace

From patient databases to outage monitoring – storm integrates with any existing system. As part of the storm stack, storm RECORDER™ layers seamlessly over your existing systems. Ensure compliance throughout your entire contact center.

Data-driven insights

Free supervisors from the burden of manually reviewing recordings. storm TRANSCRIPTION™ uses cutting-edge Natural Language Processing to transcribe calls automatically. storm ANALYTICS™ identifies trends, patterns, and concerns for human review. storm QM™ lets you bring this data into customizable reports. Contact center compliance has never been so easy.

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