Products: storm® UC™

Powerful, Cloud-Based UCaaS

Unlock the power of your workforce

Outdated equipment lacks the functionality a competitive organization requires.

To meet your business needs, a flexible communications system is a must.

You need a unified communications solution that adapts to your existing infrastructure. The system should enable your colleagues to work from wherever, with no limitations. This should be fully customizable, with minimal capital expenditure.

storm® UC™ provides a unified communications estate in the cloud.

How storm® UC™ helps businesses

  • Colleagues can work from anywhere, seamlessly collaborating through the channel of their choice.

  • The intuitive web-based interface allows you to log in and make changes from any location.

  • Cut out the costs of supporting on-premise equipment, and make free calls between connected sites.

storm® UC™ Benefits

Cut costs

Reduce the costs of maintaining outdated hardware. Only pay for what you use: bolt on additional capacity and new features as your needs change. Enable unified communications with minimal capital expenditure and manageable monthly hosting fees.

Business agility

Flexible working is now a non-negotiable. Let agents work from wherever using a single internet-enabled interface, storm DTA. Agents can use the same number wherever they are in the world.

Fully customizable

storm UC is fully customizable to your organization’s specific needs. Log in and make changes from any location. Use intelligent call forwarding and IVR services. Intuitive configuration tools and centralized reporting make it easy to manage the service.

Disaster recovery

COVID taught us the importance of a back-up plan. With storm UC, Disaster Recover routing is built-in and activated in seconds. Always meet service level expectations, even when the unexpected happens.

Integrated recording and reporting

Enhanced agent performance levels start with integrated recording and reporting. Record all calls or instigate call recording on demand. Report on performance with storm UC’s easy-to-use management reporting tool.

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