Products: storm® QM™

Comprehensive Quality Management

Drive quality in every customer interaction

If you want to make CX your competitive edge, you can’t afford to let quality slip.

You need to monitor interaction quality, down to the individual level.

Monitor agent performance with customizable score sheets. Use an intuitive, browser-based interface to organize your workforce, no matter your size. Get detailed campaign feedback with score sheets that adapt to your KPIs. Link to storm® VIEW™ to generate custom reports, or with storm CKS® to compare with data from your CRM system.

Let storm QM elevate the quality of your CX.

How CX quality management helps businesses

  • AI-powered transcription and analytics ensure that 100% of interactions are reviewed for quality and compliance purposes.

  • storm's reliable quality management enables an Urgent Healthcare Provider to deliver the highest quality, life-saving services to 3.3 million people.

storm® QM™ Benefits

Customizable and flexible

Campaigns are fluid, and priorities can change at any moment. For a successful campaign, you need to be able to shift your objectives flexibly, as you go. storm QM lets you create customizable score sheets that adapt to meet your KPIs, making quality management easy.

In-depth reporting

Bring all the data you need into a single pane of glass. storm QM comes pre-loaded with 19 reports and allows you to customize endlessly. Whether you need organization-wide trends or individual agent performance data, storm QM presents the data you need at a glance.

Seamless integration

storm QM integrates seamlessly with the entire storm stack. Integrate with storm VIEW to drag-and-drop data from recordings into flexible reports. See real-time statistics from the storm VIEW dashboard. Share reports online, or as image files to be added to presentations.

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