Workforce Engagement Management (WEM)

Agents are your most valuable resource. If your agents flourish, your CX will too

Your employee’s expectations are rising. Today’s agents expect flexible working and scheduling. They expect to be supported during interactions with customer data. They expect analytics that help them achieve the highest quality interactions.

Agent churn is a huge cost to your organization. If you can’t make your agents feel valued and supported, your bottom line will suffer.

With accurate forecasts and automatic scheduling, storm® WFM™ lets you make the most of your agents. With AI-backing transcription and analytics, storm RECORDER™ allows you to achieve hyper-compliance, and guide your agents toward best practice. storm ANALYTICS™ and storm TRANSCRIPTION™ allow for automatic transcription, and powerful, AI-backed analytics on the trends that matter to your business.

With customer data and interaction history displayed on a single pane of glass, storm CKS® lets you empower your agents to deliver delightful interactions, every time. Ensure that your agents receive training tailored to their needs with storm UNIVERSITY™.

Happy agents create happy customers. Unlock your most valuable resource with storm.

The rewards of workforce management

  • £202,125 – the average cost of agent turnover for the typical contact center per year.1

  • 80% - of businesses identify improving agent experience as important to their success.2

  • 93% - of employees would stay with a company longer if that employer valued their careers.3

  • 13% - increase in productivity for happy workers.4

Workforce Engagement Management has never been easier

The Power of Scalability

Maximize the quality and efficiency of your workforce with storm® WFO™.

Achieve intuitive and CX-driven Workforce Management with storm® WFM™.

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Keep a 360-degree view of every interaction with storm® VIEW™.

Maintain quality control and compliance with storm® RECORDER™.

Powerful Recordings for Quality Management

Achieve Pixel-Perfect Screen Recording with storm® SCREEN RECORDING™.

Advanced AI-Backed Analytics with storm® ANALYTICS™.

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Automatic Speech-To-Text with storm® TRANSCRIPTION™.

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Fully Integrated Quality Management Solutions with storm® QM™.

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Efficient information creation and management with storm® CKS: KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT™.

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[4] Saïd Business School, 2019.