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brain®: The Future of Customer Experience Automation

Contact center automation

The modern contact center faces unique challenges.

Customers want instant contact, over a growing range of digital channels.

brain® is a powerful AI toolkit that brings Content Guru’s proven philosophy of intelligent automation to improve your customer service. Future-proof your customer contact solution with AI tailored to your needs.

Create personalized experiences with custom Machine Agents. Automate self-service for 24/7 contact. Use world-leading image processing to reliably sort images. Integrate with all storm® modules for future-proofed customer journeys.

How intelligent automation helps businesses

33% of companies are experiencing high levels of agent effort.[1] brain integrates into your existing systems of record and employs a range of AI-backed tools, including Natural Language Processing (NLP). This enables customers to self-serve, freeing your agents from repetitive tasks.

40% of internet users would prefer to speak to a chatbot over a human.[2] brain’s custom Machine Agents let you meet the demands of digital world, guiding customers to a wide range of successful outcomes.

65% of 16-49-year-olds speak to a voice-enabled device once a day.[3] brain uses NLP to intelligently manage voice and text communications, successfully automating outcomes. Where required, brain can identify concerns and escalate contacts to the appropriate human agent.

With brain, UK Power Networks automated 93% of contacts, by enabling customers to self-serve via voice, SMS, and webchat.

brain enables a major government entity to automate over 20% of contacts, boosting contact center efficiency and reducing agent churn.

brain Benefits

Intelligent Machine Agents

Automate the everyday. brain uses Machine Agents to enhance front-line customer experience. From simple automated messages to efficient self-service, brain frees your human agents to focus only on the most urgent contacts. brain integrates with all storm modules and existing systems, to help your agents put their skills to the best use.

World-leading Image Recognition

See the world through the customer’s eyes. Whatever problem you’re diagnosing, a visual aid will always make the customer journey smoother. Make images a key part of your customer service, with world-leading image recognition. brain detects the contents of an image and routes it to the best available outcome.

Natural Language Processing

Hear the voice of the customer. brain uses Natural Language Processing to understand unstructured speech like a human. Contacts can be classified on their content and routed automatically. Match customer to agent, and boost the satisfaction of both.

Evergreen Technology

Bring your customer contact solution into the future. brain is cloud-based and continually updated. Content Guru keeps customers in the loop, with regular product update briefings, you’ll always hear about the next big thing. As Contact Center AI continues to advance, so will your systems.

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With brain, UK Power Networks automated 93% of contacts, by enabling customers to self-serve via voice, SMS, and webchat.

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